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½ November 26, 2010
A Time to Remember could have been titled A Time to Forget, because a closely held secret of the mom is that she has alziemers, or recent memory loss.

The competion between the two daughters begins early, one stays near the mom, the other moved off long ago and now brings her baby, Henry. One is classy, the other not so much.

Over drinks the two make up their differences, especially caring for their sick mother. The stay at home daughter has issues of her own, a husband that can't stay home due to business, but that clears up at the Thanksgiving dinner feast with him suddenly saying he can stay at home.

This is not among my forvorite movies nor is it a favorite Hall Mark Hall of Fame presentation, but it may be for you.

A real coming to terms movie with all sorts of inter-relationship issues. If you have had issues with parents and making peace, maybe this will help you.

I give it a 70%.

Doris Roberts
Dana Delany
Megan Gallagherut

John Putch
William Sims Myers
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