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October 25, 2013
(Movie King Quick Review)

The Tingler is a classic horror film directed by William Castle and stars Vincent Price. Vincent Price plays a pathologist who believes that all human beings have a tingler in their bodies, causing them to face fears and will only be defeated if the person screams. When a deaf woman (Judith Evelyn) dies of fears, the theory is proven true when Price's autopsy on her reveals a "tingler" in her body. But the tingler is tough and goes loose on Price and his friends. Only Price can destroy this creature.

William Castle was known for his brilliant promotions, and here, it's no different, electrifying the theater seats making it so that people felt tingled when watching the movie. Alfred Hitchcock loved the film so much that it led him to make Psycho, one of his best-known films. As for The Tingler, Vincent Price's chilling performance and the film's tons of cheesy moments makes The Tingler a fun and sometimes scary 50's B-Movie. Yeah the film can be cheesy (such as the infamous "SCREAM FOR YOU LIVES" moment, the end where Vincent Price is talking to the audience, and an opening disclaimer with William Castle describing the effects in the film), but with the film's brilliant horror sequences, it's hard not to like The Tingler.
October 14, 2013
This is one of my most fave VPrice ficks, it terrified me as a child lol. A bit silly, but then you do eventually buy into the premise. Id love to go to one of those William Castle revivials where they actually rig up the vibrating seats.
½ October 7, 2013
Like any genius pitchman, Castle straddles the line between carnival barker and conceptual artist
½ April 22, 2013
The Tingler is just one big exploited gimmick, but its just ridiculous and fun enough to make it worth a watch.
April 22, 2013
not among the best film of castle
February 17, 2013
Vincent Price, William Castle. Not only is the film great, but the story behind the gimmicks Castle produced in theaters on its run are amazing in that "HOW DID HE DO THAT?! way. The tingler creeps me out. As do other things, but yes...creeps. me .out. the SCREAMING is just downright funny to the point of losing your mind.
February 7, 2013
This would have been a great one to see in the cinema, those parts where the movie stops and they have the audience participation moments were an absolutely genius touch! I was literally looking on the floor for "The Tingler"... Overall though fairly intriguing story, it's not really a re-watch movie but more of an interesting and unique experience! Very good fun to be had with this obscure yet very creative title... If you don't believe in The Tingler next time you're scared DON'T SCREAM!
½ January 22, 2013
Still a creepy premise and holds up surprisingly well. Even when there isn't some chick sitting behind you with a tazer... I think...
January 17, 2013
I'm going to go ahead and assume this is 100% medically accurate.
December 16, 2012
I heard Vincent Price was kind of creepy (I don't know if he's dead, he prolly is he looked like he was aging...I only know him though through the brady bunch when they went to hawaii) Vincent Price plays this scientist who makes this discovery of a living organism inside of the human body who's kryptonite is screams. But it is infallible and does not die but merely decreases in size. A few really good scenes one of my favorite was when you see the thing for the first time. Both amusing and terrifying that something that big can live in the human body. Also great intro and outro from the director Hitchcock does that. More of today's directors should do that, it feels personal and makes me feel special for seeing like after Charlie found the last golden ticket I feel that way when I enter a movie not useless cause the movie I'm gonna go see has been advertised by the "MOVIE VOICE GUY!" telling me how this critic and that critic shit their pants or stop beating their kids cause the movie was so good. No. A nice and humble introduction.
December 7, 2012
Would like to see at some stage.
November 12, 2012
The movie is slow with things really starting to happen after 47 minutes, but I was THAT surprised to see all of a sudden very red blood in a black and white movie and I had such a good time with the sequence placed at the theatre.
October 8, 2012
Brilliant fun ridicules yet enjoyable.
½ July 31, 2012
All kinds of silly, but it's still a ton of fun, with Vincent Price bringing the gravitas and William Castle providing enough gimmicky charm (as well as a few moments of genuine suspense) to pull the film across the finish line.
June 27, 2012
a silly, yet amusing, creature feature with Price.
June 8, 2012
Seriously one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Vincent Price at his finest.
May 11, 2012
Brilliant campy fun from William Castle and Vincent Price--Spine tingling terror. Just scream!!
April 30, 2012
Overall, this film is worth a look. Don't expect a horror classic, but expect to have fun.
April 18, 2012
Awesome, awesome movie
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