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best movie of all time! I loved it, as a kid when it came out till today as a teenager. It was always be a classic!

Christine Cay
Christine Cay

[color=Cyan]Before I get to my review, I have two stories to tell. In the third grade I became obsessed with the Titanic. I thought it was so incredibly interesting the total irony of the whole situation - the ship is boasted as "unsinkable", it's the ship's maiden voyage, and it is also the final voyage of the ship's captain before he is to retire in order to spend more time with his grandchildren. The ghostly images of the wreckage were akin to the abandoned Americana which I was also fond of. And when I heard there was to be a film, I was so excited. I went opening day actually to see the film, and eventually saw it a total of seven times at the cinema. At the time Haggen grocery store also sold movies, and the store also happened to be open 24 hours. I went at midnight to buy my copy. And if you can also believe it, I had a Titanic themed birthday party where we watched the film. I was turning ten.[/color] [color=Cyan]The film [i]Titanic[/i] has remained a personal favorite, even when it became a cliche-ish film. I hadn't seen it for years, even when I bought the latest special edition DVD, I never watched it. It is in my Top 50 favorite films, and my boyfriend early on in our relationship made it a goal to see every single film on that list. Now, three years later (we celebrated our third anniversary on the 10th) he has finally finished that list. It is easy to look at a film that had an incredible amount of success and then tear it limb from limb in later years. I believe that happened with [i]Titanic[/i]. Jack's line "I'm king of the world!" was yelled across the country in various situations, and eventually people passed up the 1998 Best Picture winner as cliche and corny. I feared that if I were to watch it, it would lose that sparkle I and enjoyed so much in younger years. But when I watched it, I saw that it really is an incredible film.[/color] [center][img]http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b89/RetroAnglophile/Random%20Movie%20Pics/titanic001.jpg[/img] [/center] [color=Cyan][i]Titanic[/i] weaves a fictional love story of the upper class Rose and the penniless artist Jack. Already engaged to the rude and violent Cal, Rose finds herself aboard ship as she falls for Jack and his blunt, yet lovable demeanor. While totally fictional, the film and director James Cameron do a terrific job portraying the smaller, actual accounts of the ship. Such as the lack of attention that was taken to the ice burg warnings, the impervious Mr. Ismay, the brutal treatment of third class passengers, the horrific event of the sinking itself, as well as its aftermath of the dead passengers floating in the water. Audiences must remember, this actually happened, over 1,500 people lost their lives, due very much so to selfish, rude, and presumptuous persons.[/color] [color=Cyan]The real gems of the film come from the direct contrast cuts, including the rat ridden halls of the third class to the oriental carpeted halls of the first class and the hurried movement to board first class passengers onto lifeboats while keeping third class ones locked up. In viewing [i]Titanic[/i] as an adult, I began to see that the film is more of a stark and rather horrific commentary on the class system, which can still be seen very much so today. It is also very much a feminist film. Rose has the guts and attitude to talk back to Cal, as well as throw a few punches, haul and ax through three feet of water to save the man she loves and spit right in Cal's eye as the ship sinks. She breaks many of the rules of the time, and near the end of the film, we see she broke many more in the pan of pictures of her life after Titanic.[/color] [color=Cyan]I know that many of you must hold a bit of a grudge in some form or another of this film, but I really do beg of you, you may think it's terribly overrated or cliche or silly, but read between the lines, and you'll see an entirely different and wonderful film. Well, it snowed up in Portland. And bad...at least for Oregon. I-5 has been closed in several areas and chains are required in the Portland-Metro area...which means...I won't be seeing [i]My Name is Bruce[/i] tonight, and additionally, Fandango won't give me a refund. [img]http://images.rottentomatoes.com/images/user/smilies/mad.gif[/img] Needless to say, I'm pretty angry. *humf*[/color]

Janey E.
Janey E.

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