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January 16, 2013
With his beatific, sweet, open face, DiCaprio gives us a rooting interest in hoping that someone important to us survives the wreck.
September 27, 2012
Titanic 3D lacks creative synergy that could have been explored had the film been shot with 3D in mind but its easily the best example of post-conversion to date.
September 26, 2012
A staggering film, layered with melodramatic romance, tragedy, intensity and breathtaking production design.
September 19, 2012
Jack and Rose actually cause the Titanic to hit the iceberg. Watch closely.
September 5, 2012
While I admit the film does not impress me as much as it does most other people, there is no questioning its passion and excitement.
May 3, 2012
When the bolts start to pop and the water bursts the bulkheads and the ship's orchestra plays waltzes, writer-director Cameron achieves his vision grandly.
April 29, 2012
The most breezy 194 minutes ever to grace the multiplex.
April 28, 2012
The clunky dialogue, historical inaccuracy and overdose of Billy Zane in the opening stanza of the film is all but forgotten in one of the most emotionally affective, thrilling closing stanzas ever committed to celluloid.
April 21, 2012
'Titanic' is an epic that's see-worthy indeed. Directed/written/produced by James Cameron, its $200 million budget shows in its glorious effects, dazzling camera work and lavish sets, now, with the addition of Cameron's carefully crafted 3-D.
April 16, 2012
Yes, it is time to return to the chilly North Atlantic to appreciate again James Cameron's glorious epic, for its scope, underappreciated script and perfect casting.
April 16, 2012
Two spitting scenes in 3D and Jack Dawson loses his virginity. A second look indicates a cruel streak in the modern epic.
April 14, 2012
Spoiler alert! The ship still sinks.
April 12, 2012
It is, simply, a great film, a throwback to classic filmmaking, and more than that, an experience with unusual resonance to the world of today.
April 9, 2012
The kind of mass death spectacle Michael Bay is frequently accused (and often guilty) of partaking in is much better encapsulated in Titanic's final third.
April 8, 2012
If you can get past the occasional Cameron clunker (Who can forget, "I'm the king of the world!") and Zane's almost amusingly over-the-top turn as Cal, Titanic still manages to make the tragedy seem more vivid than a statistic in a history book.
April 8, 2012
Forget that we know how it all ends; it's the drama of dealing with eventuality that tells the real story here.
April 7, 2012
While Titanic can't touch Cameron's true classics, The Terminator and Aliens, it's nevertheless better than Avatar, a surface treat that can't match the emotional pull of this alternately tragic, alternately triumphant tale of two star-crossed lovers.
April 6, 2012
Simply one of 20th century cinema's greatest, old-fashioned love stories, full of still impressive effects (pre 3D) and decent, if theatrical acting ...
April 6, 2012
Titanic evidences the secret of his longtime success, a talent more impressive even than Cameron's technical prowess: his ability to find stories that tap into greater truths and deeper feelings.
April 6, 2012
We know the story ends badly but Cameron still sweeps us up in the romance between Kate Winslet's rebellious posh girl and DiCaprio's steerage kid.
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