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½ September 1, 2014
The Earth isn't warming so what sounds like a good movie is destroyed by promoting bunk.
March 30, 2014
My science class went to see "Titans of the Ice Age" because we are currently studying Evolution. When the film started, the narrator was talking about a mammoth calf that was found frozen in Siberia. This specimen came from a woolly mammoth, the best known of at least ten species of mammoth. The film suggests that mammoth's used their tusks not just for fighting but also to plow away snow to expose food. The film is not only about woolly mammoths. "Titans of the Ice Age" also extensively talks about Columbian Mammoths. The film incorrectly states that Columbian Mammoths lived in Canada, the Western United States and into Mexico. In fact, Columbian Mammoths lived as far south as Nicaragua and Honduras. There was a hot spring in South Dakota that has dried up. In the caves left behind, paleontologists are finding many colombian mammoth fossils as well as a few woolly mammoth skeletons. Amazingly, all of these mammoths were young males. Mammoths were not meant to survive into the modern times. The last population of mammoths died out circa 1650 bce. I thought that the film could have had a lot more information on ice age mammals that were not just mammoths. They did put in a ten-minute segment about predators of the ice age and mastodons, humans and ground sloths did get a nod at some point in the film but these little parts in the film raised a lot of questions. The film also could have used Latin Names to describe the animals. Also, the ending was not exactly an amazing end to an OK film. I give 2/5
½ March 30, 2014
I thought that this movie was pretty good. I went to go see it for my genetics and evolution class and I did set my hopes a little too high. It didn't have the great 3D animation that most other movies of the same genre have, but regardless the stuff they talked about was very interesting. Like I had always wondered how ice ages were started, when infact it was because the ice that was already there reflected the sunlight which in turn led to more ice. Another interesting tidbit I learned was that saber tooth tigers hunted in packs. I always assumed that saber tooth tigers were solitary hunters, and the movie never truly explained if they were like lions who hunted in packs or more like the mountain lion witch hunts alone. All in all I believe it was a pretty factual documentary and I enjoyed it.
½ December 29, 2013
Cool CGI documentary short. It is decent and informative on some facts about mammoths. The visuals are ok but nothing spectacular. Still worth a watch if you visit the smithsonian.
August 17, 2013
An amazing film that is awesome to watch front row, where the Mammoth is in your face, as are the Sabre Toothed Cats and Dire Wolves. A highly entertaining documentary film depicting North America just before 12,000 years ago (or 10,000 BC). The fight and hunting sequences were amazing. When the Sabre Tooth invades a Wolf pack's meal and kills one of them, my heart raced with the roar and yelp. This is a good film to take your kids to if they loved the 2002 classic "Ice Age". Come see it in your local IMAX theater while it's still hot. Excuse me, cold.
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