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January 12, 2012
We follow two hot young things as they kinda scam their way through a few different scenarios, eventually ending up in a sketchy squatter's situation in an old building filled with radicals and others living in the fringe.

The use their bodies to get through life, then the 'Man' finally decides to clean house in their neighborhood and the film takes a fairly unexpected dark turn in the final reel.

Worth a look, but the tonal shift may bother you unless you kinda know it's coming and steel yourself for it.
January 11, 2011
I don't know whether this film is anti-woman or anti-man (Or anti-feminist or counterculturalist); either case could be debated. 99% of the film is a sex romp with sexuality so liberal that the lesbian scenes were initially cut out when it was released. It runs like a European softcore "chick flick" but it was interesting seeing Italian women parading around town with a sexual power able to manipulate people with. The soundtrack (With a decade defining song sung by Gloria Guida, one of the actresses playing a main character) is catchy and the mood so free, careless and hedonistic that the resolution (Also initially cut out) turns the tables and makes you contemplate the gender roles in the film.
February 27, 2010
yet another incredible Italian masterpiece from the 70s, this time in the form of a sexy satirical comedy which explodes with arguably the darkest, most downbeat ending you will ever see
Super Reviewer
½ July 7, 2009
It's really disturbing, mostly b/c a good deal of it is a comedy with sexploitative and farce elements. The less you know about this movie before you see it, the better, so let me just say... if you're somehow watching this movie on a date, stop it before the end and try to seal the deal. The next morning you can press Play and wonder the rest of the day whether men or women have more sexual freedom, and which one from their own sense of slavery punishes the other more. Before your next movie date, both of you will want to prove that you're pro-feminist and nothing the Italian lust models did in the movie turned you on. You'll also want to pick the next movie to reassure each other that you're both sweet, which is going to require some thought since something like Lady and the Tramp is too noticeable and by now insinuates way too much.
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