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May 12, 2014
a watched this movie with my mother she is the person that left the one and only comment on my page, First off we watched the two part version which is 3 hours I recommend that version. its the story of john wayne gacy the serial killer played by brian dennehy. If I had to spend the night wit one of them gacy or dennehy i probably say gacy, gacy in interviews on da=eath row seems so friendlys where as dennehy scares the figs out of me, which leads me to my next point the alternative ending in this 2part made for tv movie you dont see gacy actually kill or harm anyone and i was thinking what if all the police and people are wrong and they where harassing the wrong man (not in real life just in the movie hes guilty as fucking sin in real life) but what if with my alternative ending change the last 20minutes of the movie hes innocent i taught it would be hilarious, if you watch it youl see what i mean, YA DUMMIE'S
January 26, 2013
me interesa mucho conseguir esta pelicula y no he podido, please si alguien sabe como ayudarme, se los agradecere
½ June 3, 2012
TV MOVIE. Creepy, well acted riveting movie! True story! SYNDICATED 5/13/14/1992
½ April 6, 2011
Unlike the other movie about Gacy, ''To Catch a Killer'' doesn't portray John Wayne Gacy as a fat bumbling retard. My only issue with the movie, other than it being yet another dulled down made for TV movie, that doesn't show anything whatsoever, is that maybe this time around, they used an actor with too much charisma, and too strong of a presense
January 8, 2011
Captivating. Everytime it has been on, I end up watching it again. Very well done and as close to the Gacy story as you can get. Recommended. Avoid the other film made about Gacy.
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