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November 26, 2019
If I had never seen a Woody Allen film or knew of his work until seeing To Rome With Love, I would have to call him a consummate storyteller who taps into the fabric of human nature.
September 9, 2019
A walking through Rome. A short tales of a city. The people who runs the city. [Full review in Spanish]
July 31, 2019
Though packaged with tourist clichés, Allen's Roman holiday captures the city's amber light and lyrical chaos.
December 29, 2018
It's a solid comedy that, in its one-liner-heavy dialogue, reminds us of classic Woody Allen.
November 1, 2018
Judy Davis is an absolute treasure to watch and the film is funny but unpolished.
January 9, 2018
Woody Allen's new film is relaxed, easy-to-digest, light entertainment-middle-brow fluff done right.
December 16, 2017
[Woody] Allen seems to have been refreshed with his sojourn in Europe, and even in something as inconsequential as this has energy and invention.
December 3, 2017
Is To Rome with Love great Woody Allen? No. It's not even very good Woody Allen. It's probably mediocre Woody Allen, at best. But mediocre Woody Allen is still better than the majority of the movies made today.
September 18, 2017
When it works, it works well and when it doesn't, which is too often, it is still amusing but very slight.
May 12, 2015
Midnight in Paris was profound in a deceptively breezy way. To Rome With Love is just plain breezy, but I didn't mind.
June 23, 2013
Weightless and harmless and made with good cheer.
December 20, 2012
I liked it - but I can see why some won't.
October 19, 2012
After the surprise triumph of Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen returns with another charmer set in a foreign city... At 76, he's clearly at the top of his game.
October 17, 2012
A good-looking, familiar Woody romp.
October 15, 2012
It's a movie of moments - some great, some good, some flat out bad - just as his Allen's career has been made up of moments too.
October 13, 2012
There a frenzy of activity with abundant characters, fast one liners, amusing moments and clever ideas in Woody Allen's love letter to Rome, although after the finesse of Midnight in Paris, it seems rather trivial
September 28, 2012
To Rome With Love is a triumphant examination of life and love's many splendors, spilt out on the streets on Rome at their wickedly absurd and poignantly profound moments...
September 23, 2012
If you turned on the lights at the end of To Rome With Love, all you would see is the face of a film critic, overcome with a frustrating sense of unfulfillment.
September 15, 2012
Anyway, I greatly enjoyed this film.
September 14, 2012
You would need a heart of anthracite (or an address in Lazio) to sit through To Rome With Love without emitting a snigger.
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