Tom and Jerry: The Movie Reviews

December 7, 2018
This clumsy bomb is unlikely to launch these new friends on a series of further comic misadventures.
December 7, 2018
This film undoubtedly was the creation of a marketing guy who thought Tom and Jerry might become more marketable if kids heard them talk and work together.
July 29, 2014
Misfire offers talking characters, forgettable musical score.
July 6, 2010
Though slickly animated, this first full-length pic featuring the vintage cat and mouse characters is misconceived from start to finish, full of gooey sentimentality and relegating Tom and Jerry to supporting characters in a banal melodramatic plot.
June 24, 2006
A severely dull animated feature.
September 25, 2005
April 3, 2004
November 26, 2003
February 17, 2003
January 31, 2002
This one is strictly for the kiddies.
January 31, 2002
January 31, 2002
The whole movie appears to have been run through a homogenizer.