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June 28, 2015
.."Philosophy 'll get you nowhere son..", An Absolute Gem Of A Tale, Cleverly Explores Those Laneways & Lesser-Known Backstreets Of 'Ol Melbourne Town. Maybe I'm Bias?? Colin Leads Us So Well On His Race Into Depravity. Q Great Little Vignette With Bill Hunter & A Soup Kitchen Cameo With Jack Charles....Yep, This Ones Good. Gritty, Harsh Reality..But A Bloody Good AussieYarn.
½ April 25, 2012
Every homeless person on the street has a story. Tom White was a man with a loving family. He lived in a nice home and worked as a draughtsman for a large company. And then one day, unexpectadly he throws it all away. Leaving his car beside the river he boards a ferry and leaves everything behind. Colin Freils stars in this sombre story of a man lost. Freils has had a career of incredible performances and Tom White ranks highly amongst them. He is truly amazing as his character gradually degenerates as the film progresses. Rachel Blake plays Tom's wife who is left to deal with the fact that her husband has abandoned her and their kids. Her side of the story is heartbreaking. The movie is episodic with several characters coming into his life (or he into theirs) and each of them defines certain truthes that Tom is searching for. Very poetic in its flow the movie was directed by Alkinos Tsilimidos who's film Everynight Everynight is one of the best Aussie films ever made (see my review). That film also moved in a poetic way and he possesses a unique style of storytelling. The support actors include Loene Carmen, David Field and Bill Hunter. All are excellent and Hunter is particularly good with a performance that is also amongst his best.
June 2, 2010
This was a rather surprising film for me, more of an everyman situation, based on reality. It was quite disturbing, but at the same time... a real eye opener. I agree with Rotten Tomatoes.. A rarity in Australian filmmaking.
December 29, 2009
Great movie, very well written. Colin Friels plays the role of his life.
March 2, 2009
Different, but a far cry from American Beauty. Protagonist has a midlife crisis, abandons his family and lives on the street for a while. Its a drama, I suppose, so get it if you're sympathetic - I just found the guy kind of pathetic to be honest. Maybe if he did anything with his new life other than mope around being a cunt to everyone it would have been interesting.
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