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½ February 27, 2016
I have a fondness for Farley, which has grown over the years since he departed. Unfortunately this was a bit of a struggle to get through. Still, had some moments of Farley brilliance, but they were few and far between.
February 14, 2016
"Tommy Boy" is a classic and hilarious film starring two of comedies best duets ever: Chris Farley and David Spade. The jokes are frequent and it has a big heart, but the end of the day it is just another way for Chris Farley to charm the pants off you.
February 13, 2016
Very 90s, but still pretty funny in a stupid way.
February 12, 2016
Is this stupid? You bet! Did I laugh non-stop the whole way through? Absolutely.
½ February 5, 2016
Chris Farley kills it man, these critics are fools
February 2, 2016
Lol hilarious I love this movie
½ January 17, 2016
Yet another comedy that would have gotten a perfect score from me... If I'd seen it for the first time. Unfortunately, 'Tommy Boy' falls into the 'I've seen it too many times' pile and the jokes no longer hold up. That being said, If you see this film for the first time and you are looking for pure goofiness and slapstick, Tommy Boy is a great choice. Chris Farley has so much energy and is so likeable as the adorable idiot. It's the perfect movie to watch when you have a little bit of booze in your system.
January 5, 2016
While it's formula, it's formula that has a genius (Farley) who is at his best when paired with Spade.
January 4, 2016
One of Chris Farley best movies. funny!
January 3, 2016
Tommy Boy is a good silly/funny movie that reminds us how much Chris Farley's style is missed. There are a lot of crazy/funny moments in this movie but some of the jokes are not hilarious. At times it's hilarious and other times, you think "is that supposed to be funny?". It's a good watch if you like comedies but there are a lot of good comedies out there. 3/5 OR 6/10
December 27, 2015
All you can really say is "Fat guy in a little coat!"
½ December 18, 2015
The two leads provide good chemistry but the movie overall isn't actually that funny and too ridden with cliches to be too much more than your average dumb comedy.
December 13, 2015
Chris and David are so funny. Def some quotes from this movie. However, the plot was really dumb and uninspiring because you've seen it a thousand times.
December 11, 2015
Tommy boy really grabs your attention and never lets go for the full hour and thirty-seven minutes, it will have you leaving T.V hurting because your stomach hurts from all the laughing. The movie is a classic comedy and I urge everyone to go and see it. It is a good classical comedy that actually has some original funny stuff, unlike the raunchy stuff now that really isn't that funny. I will explain why I personally love it and why I think it falls under the category as a "comedy." Tommy boy is a classic example of what a good comedy should be. It has serious comedy, some stupid comedy, and everything in-between

As the movie starts off we are introduced to a character named Tommy Boy (Chris Farley), he struggles with school and it takes him eight years to finish a basic college degree. He then moves back to his hometown in Ohio to work at his father's automotive plant. His father introduces his new Fiancée to Tommy, Tommy instantly falls in love and he falls in even more love with his new brother-in-law. At Tommy's dads wedding, his dad has a heart attack and ends up dying which causes the company to go into a panic with bankruptcy. The only way the company can stay alive is if someone goes on this big sales trip Tommy's dad was going to go on before he died.

No one want's to go and so the company is getting ready to sell when Tommy comes up with this idea to go on the sales trip with someone from the company that knows everything there is to know about the company's automotive parts, his name was Richard. Tommy and Richard travel all across the states, at first Tommy is a terrible sales person and doesn't sale anything. He then finds his salesmen side and starts closing deal after deal, enough to keep the company alive. Tommy's step-mom and step-brother have been planning on sabotaging the company ever since the beginning because if they do they get a huge amount of money from stock options. In the end it is a race between Tommy and Richard vs. step-mom and step-brother and they race to who can either save the company or destroy it for personal gain. The reason why Tommy Boy is such a lovable character is because he's funny but because he is a loving guy, you know he wouldn't really hurt anyone and he isn't judgmental he's just good ol' loving Tommy. Overall this movie is really funny and I do believe that it is considered a true comedy, and one of the best things to help with this is the actors.

The best actor that makes this movie what it is has got to be Chris Farley. Farley really brings out an amazing character in being Tommy boy, you really feel like you know Tommy and all his faults. His acting makes it so you can feel a deep connection, whether that makes you feel emotion and tear up or if it makes you laugh so hard that you may quite literally not be able to catch a breath. He has some of the funniest quotes in this movie out of all the movies I have seen, still to date. Another really funny actor is David Spade as Richard. Spade really does a good job at being a supporting actor, he has some really funny lines himself but mainly he just kind of sets up the jokes for Farley to give the final touch to. Like when they are fighting in front of the diner and Tommy ends up hitting Richard with a piece of wood - that scene was hilarious and Spade was the one that set it up. The two of these actors really bond in this movie and you can really see it happen, it doesn't seem fake at all, they really seem like brothers or best of friends.

This movie has many qualities of a comedy, funny cast, good script, original jokes, and hilarious scenes. This all ties together to form an extremely comical movie. The script of this movie is quite clever, it has many jokes that you really have to think about or that just aren't too obvious which I think is really good. The originality and hilarious scenes tie in together as one, because they didn't copy any scenes from any other movie or didn't use anyone else's jokes like what happens nowadays with movies. One of the biggest contributes to the success of this film I think has got to be the acting, this movie has some really good actors.

Tommy boy is a seriously good comedy with a funny cast, a good script, some original jokes, and very hilarious scenes. I would strongly suggest that people go out and watch the film, you will not regret your choice and will be delighted with how you feel better because of how much you laughed in the hour and thirty-seven minutes that it takes up.
½ December 9, 2015
Fat jokes and incest will not, and surely didn't, save this cliche mess of an SNL film.
December 6, 2015
A well known comedy, "Tommy Boy" divulges every quality of a feel-good movie. Although the plot isn't as predictable as it may seem, the film evokes a meaningful message that enables the viewer to more deeply commiserate with the characters alongside their stellar efforts of acting. If you're looking for a comedy to make you fall off the chair, then you are in the right place.

In almost every comedy film there is an over- the- top character who over exaggerates "normal" societal expectations. In this film, this character happens to be Tommy (played by actor and well known comedian, Chris Farley), who we first meet as a young boy. Farley does a remarkable job fulfilling the role of "Tommy" by going over the top to sell his character. When Tommy's life takes an unexpected turn for the worse, the pressure is on Tommy to save his father's auto part business, leaving both him and his "long-time friend," Richard (otherwise known as David Spade), to go on a road trip. Spade expresses the role of Richard as a boring, grumpy businessman who isn't satisfied with himself or his job. The acting is something remarkable in itself.

The movie is unmistakably hilarious, with the exception of softer moments that tie in nicely to the overall film. Tommy's father, otherwise known as "Big Tom" (Brian Dennehy) announces that he is getting re-married, which is hard for Tommy because of his mother's passing when he was young. Still, he overlooks his father's act of moving on because all Tommy wants is for his father to be happy. When his father dies, respect is gained for Tommy as an acute desire is ignited to save his father's business. Yes, this film isn't one of sadness, but at the same time a message of confidence, self love, and love for others is learned, making the film a lighthearted masterpiece.

"Tommy Boy" is the classic portrayal of a comedy, and should be watched by all who enjoy a good laugh and a phenomenal movie. The acting is exceptional, especially by the one of the world's greatest comedians, Chris Farley, while the story line is structured in an ensuing style to keep you constantly on the edge of your chair. It is one of the greatest, most heartfelt comedies of all time and I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.
December 4, 2015
Peter Segal's "Tommy Boy" is basically the definition of slapstick comedy with a comedic god as its main star, Chris Farley.
We are introduced to Tommy Callahan III (Chris Farley) as he is graduating college, after a long seven years of screwing around. Tommy's dad, "Big Tom" Callahan (Brian Deheny) sends his right hand man Richard (David Spade) to pick up Tommy, who missed his flight home. Right from the beginning Tommy is presented to the audience as both stupid and endearing; after seven years of college he passes with a D+; "You know a lot of people go to college for seven years," Tommy says; "I know; they're called doctors," Richard replies. Banter like this not only illustrates Tommy's stupidity, but because Richard is so condescending it makes the audience like Tommy even more.
When Tommy and Richard get home, everyone is happy to see Tommy and no one cares that Richard is back; which not only reinforces our opinions of Tommy and Richard, but provides Chris Farley with several opportunities to show his comedic genius. As Tommy thrives on all the attention, Richard doesn't seem to care that no one wants him there.
After Big Tom dies everyone at Callahan Auto is in a panic and doesn't know what to do after Big Tom dies. Tommy and Beverly (Tommy's new step mom played by Bo Derek) become the new majority stock holders and after a slight dilemma with the bank, Tommy gives up his stock in the company and his house in order to keep the company alive. Suddenly Tommy has become the only hope for Callahan Auto.
One can't help but feel a connection to Tommy as he travels across the country to try and save his father's company and the jobs of thousands, while destroying Richard's car along the way. Chris Farley and David Spade work very well together and there is never a dull moment with them. They go on to make Black Sheep (another hilarious film) and continue their hysterical friendship until Chris Farley died of a drug overdose.
There are hints of comedic genius throughout the whole movie that cause you to almost automatically quote it. Whether its "fat guy in a little coat", "shut up Richard" or even "I could get a good look at a T-bone steak by sticking my head up a bull's ass but I would rather take the butcher's word for it" you can't go wrong with Tommy Boy.
Tommy Boy has some strong language in it and is probably more suitable for adults and teenagers rather than kids even though anyone would laugh at the fat, idiotic Tommy that we all love. The only bad side to this movie is the special effects are pretty terrible, more specifically the deer in the car. This is a film that I would highly recommend to anyone that needs a good laugh
October 10, 2015
A cult classic slapstick comedy that is endlessly quotable is the simplistic way of describing Tommy Boy. Chris Farley is an absolute riot with his 'chubby funny guy' stereotype and David Spade is funny as hell with his sarcastic, smartass remarks. Tommy Boy is easily one of the best slapstick comedies of all time.
October 6, 2015
The ultimate cult classic that's just as funny the 100th view as it was with the first view.
½ September 20, 2015
I was told to watch this "hilarious" film by a friend who has now gone into my black book of people to ignore film recommendations from. Even for 80's rubbish comedies this is bad. I've not had the displeasure of seeing this Farley fella in a film before, thankfully, I hope I don't again.
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