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½ August 20, 2010
reality is the punchline of the series here, and it's done professionally. the mood, the camera, the acting - everything is in service of rainy British day. the plot twists are plausible and although I'm not fifty-some widow detective, I can perfectly relate to Frost's take on things.
in a way I consider this series a British counterpart of Baltimore Homicide saga. sapienti sat.
½ May 16, 2010
a really good tv show. it has everything what a british cop show has: a crosswords approach, down tempo, more brains than action, and lots of oldschool suspense.
while the cases and plot-twists are predictable (you just need to see one british cop show or to read some agatha christie book), the focus on personal lives and differences of the characters are done with good taste: you'll get the basics about who is who in private, but it'll never turn to a soap-opera.
what makes this one special is a choice of lead actor. david jason is one of the best english tv actors, most notable as dell boy in "only fools and horses" show. he is the best as a comedian, and his interpretation of jack frost has that note. from time to time, you will see some of dell boy, underlined with more grown-up cynicism. it is a crime show, after all.
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