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Touch of Pink Quotes

  • Nura: I'm not completely backward. I know about men with men. I subscribe to Reader's Digest.

  • Alim: Can you believe it? She still keeps plastic on the furniture.
    Cary Grant: It keeps the evil fresh.

  • Nura: My life is just a soiled, tattered tissue tossed into the toilet of life.

  • Alim: It's my life.
    Nura: Yes, but I gave it to you.

  • Giles: I thought the eggs were for everybody.
    Nura: You people always do. Eggs, India, Africa, Middle East!

  • Nura: It was very nice meeting you both. I hope we meet again one day, when there isn't a knife plunged in my heart.

  • Giles: I'd really like it if we could be friends.
    Nura: I have my friends thank you. All the positions have been filled. If there's a vacancy in the near future, I'll be sure to get in touch. Thank you very much for applying.

  • Cary Grant: You say pretense like its's a bad thing. Personally, I think this truth business is over-rated.

  • Nura: Nothing is more important than family. They'll be there for you when nobody else will have you.

  • Hassan: All that finding himself nonsense in England. Nura, did you find yourself in England.They don't even take showers. Sitting in the bathtub in your own filth, what are you going to find?

  • Cary Grant: You good people keep looking up to us movie stars and we'll keep looking after you.

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