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May 13, 2017
The story is extremely creative, the animation, while obviously dated, still holds up very well for the most part, the characters are all lovable and have a lot of charm, and the voice acting is top-notch. An amazing start to Pixar's legendary legacy and not only one of the absolute greatest animated films of all-time, but also one of the absolute greatest movies in general.
May 10, 2017
One of the very first Disney movies I have ever seen, I really had a lot of fun watching Toy Story. Woody and Buzz play off each other brilliantly, the side characters are enjoyable to watch, and as the first ever CGI movie it really still holds up today.
May 2, 2017
As a watershed moment in technical filmmaking, Toy Story is impressive enough. However, it's also a family film masterpiece. Choosing toys as the subject for their first full-length feature was genius, as the plastic look fits the subject. The voice performances are perfect, the screenplay is stellar, the pacing is brisk, & it boasts one of my personal favorite comedic scenes of dialogue in movie history (argument under a semi at the gas station...."YOU! ARE! A! TOOYYY!"). A celebration of ingenuity and imagination.
May 1, 2017
Pixar made a good classic with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen they where great in this movie! Toy story is a good movie and silly! Pixar did it !!!
May 1, 2017
Toy Story is still one of the top quality animated movies of all time and yet hard to pin down why it is so good.
April 26, 2017
I enjoyed this movie as a kid and I still do as a college student.
April 13, 2017
best animated movie ever
April 11, 2017
Turned the animation industry on its head. So like many kids in suburbia, Andy has a lot of toys. Unbeknownst to him, they actually come to life when he is not around and go on adventures of their own. His cowboy named Woody (Tom Hanks) is very comfortable being Andy's favorite toy, but his world is in for a shake up when Andy gets a cool new astronaut toy, a Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), as a birthday gift. What can I say about this movie that hasn't been said before? It was the very first movie from Pixar and it showed everything that they are capable of, being the very first feature length computer animated film. Animation has come leaps and bounds over the last two decades, and there are a couple of renderings that are a little rough around the edges, given the technological limitations of 1995, but the movie itself still holds up in the best way possible. The reason why that this movie (and this series, for that matter) has such strong legs to stand on is because the writing is so good. Many people probably forget that Joss Whedon has a writing credit on this for the screenplay, and even though it is toys that we are talking about, it is a very human story. How could you not relate to a tale that is about being forced out as a favorite, or a fish out of water, trying to figure out how he fits in? Sure, there are motivations present that are selfish, but that's what makes it so identifiable, and that really helps to bolster the character arcs when you get to that third act. Hanks and Allen are perfect voices for their respective roles, and there are many creative stunts that they pull off in this world filled with toys. It is nice and short, and when you subtract end credits, this only takes you about 75 minutes to watch. The original score done by Randy Newman is iconic, and I don't think there is a person out there who won't start humming along if "You Got a Friend in Me" comes on. It sets the groundwork for later movies, even though it may not have realized it at the time, and Toy Story is a classic for the ages.
½ April 9, 2017
Really good animated film some stuff made no sense though.
½ April 5, 2017
A favorite growing up, and a favorite as an adult, Toy Story is a marvel of animation and storytelling, making a film that is enjoyable at any time. A timeless classic that has a certain magic to it that cannot be explained and will never be replicated.
½ April 4, 2017
An instant classic that never gets old.
March 29, 2017
Toy Story isn't exactly what you thought it would be. It looks like a fun movie, but for me, it does go quite dully.
March 28, 2017
The first Pixar film and the first entirely computer animated feature film has been rather overshadowed by the films that followed it, notably it's own sequels both of which were incrementally better. Watching this now, you can see how much they still couldn't quite do technically ... the dog is particularly not that impressive. What does stand up well even 20 years later is the amazing world building and a story line that is equally engaging to kids and adults ... something Pixar has consistently achieved.
March 26, 2017
Toy Story is one of the best animated films of all time! While it was innovative, its great cast, combined with a simple but interesting concept, as well as great humor, and memorable characters make this an unforgettable journey.
March 23, 2017
The golden kids animated movie. Better than SHREK. Everybody loves this movie for a reason. Every kid should see this, ASAP. Awesome movie.
March 20, 2017
Brilliant family movie. An animated classic
½ March 12, 2017
Obviously a pioneer being the first fully animated movie but providing less effort on the humor front, Toy Story innovates an original idea but wastes it on a main character who feels too mean-spirited.
March 7, 2017
WHAT I LIKED: Who knew a story about some talking toys could be so great? Well it seems strange to imagine a world without the creative innovation of Pixar now, but when 'Toy Story' graced our screens back in 1995, this film was an extremelly fresh and exciting triumph for pretty much everyone. What makes it is the way it appeals so effortlessly to all ages, as with all Pixar gems, there's room for laughs, excitement, tension and even emotion, no matter your age. This is thanks to a great, clear direction with tone and humour, as well as a roster of characters who feel as real as the voice actors who bring them so brilliantly to life.
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Some later ventures from the studio have upped the anti beyond the fantastic and fun.
VERDICT: Pixar's first is engaging and exciting, but mostly it's a success because it slaps a huge smile on your face whether you're nine or ninety.
February 26, 2017
½ February 23, 2017
A charming movie that changed the cinematic world and has a charming story.
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