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October 10, 2017
Somehow better than the original. It manages to make you laugh, while tugging on your heartstrings with some very emotional scenes. The animation is perfect and the voice cast hits on all cylinders. Absolutely perfect and arguably the best sequel in history.
September 21, 2017
Best animated sequel ever. I still remember how happy I was, when I got my Buzz Lightyear for Christmas almost 20 years ago.
September 16, 2017
Ah, yes, the olden years. What can possibly go wrong? Okay, so after I reviewed A Bug's Life, now I guess it's now the time for me to review a sequel which is my second favourite Pixar film, Toy Story 2. Why? Because right after the olden years, I have been a huge fan of the first Toy Story. Now with the sequel though, me and my friend Harry Kingston have been quoting all the lines in one day. Much like I reviewed The Jungle Book though, we've been quoting all the lines from these two Disney films non-stop. Oh, boy, I really do love animation! Right then, Buzz Lightyear again played by Tim Allen, is on his mission to find the Emperor Zurg right in the fortress. Whilst he find a battery, he found Zurg and defeats him but didn't and you can see that it's only a video game that Rex is playing. Woody, once again played by Tom Hanks, has got a ripped arm which is about a couple of minutes cause Andy has been playing with his toys, so he got shelved and started having a bad dream. As he wakes up, he found Wheezy the squeaky penguin and found a yard sale outside but was interrupted because Andy's mum coming to pick some old toys and took Wheezy with her, so now Woody had to get him back and was taken away by Al who works at Al's Toy Barn. As Woody is in the room where the unexpected toys are in here. One is Bullseye, second is Jesse played by Joan Cusack and third is Stinky Pete. As Woody don't know them but they do because they knew him from the TV show. So Buzz and the other toys, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Rex, and Slinky Dog, (which again portrayed by both actors) set off on the adventure to save Woody. Now as they're watching their TV show, Woody told them he has to get to home but Jesse got upset about it. As Al went to the room, he saw that Woody has lost his arm which is a funny scene. Now the funniest part though is that Woody tries to get his arm back but the TV is unexpectedly on. OK, there are some funny moments in this which I remember. Buzz and the gang found Al's Toy Barn and hide in the orange cones by walking the road and Buzz says ''Drop!'' and ''Go!'' everytime the car or truck gets by. The old man comes to fix Woody and his arm and like AL says ''It's just like new!'' As Buzz finding Woody, he saw a toyful of Buzz Lightyear's like himself and the other Buzz confronts him and drop him in the box and he gang comes across the Barbie store. As Woody know that Jesse is not happy after Woody is happy to get his arm back, Jesse remembers the flashback about that she was someone's favourite toy. As Woody go to leave, he decide to stay and Jesse is happy. So Buzz and the gang still looking for Woody, they heard Al coming, they went into Al's bag. Buzz had found the gang cause he saw Rex's tail and catches up with them but couldn't but did before Emperor Zurg is here. So as Al didn't take his bag, Buzz and the gang had to get out of the car and found an hole of the building and heard an earthquake which is an elevator and Buzz and the gang had to climb up to it. As they found Woody, they stop Jesse and the others and got Woody but was interrupted by the other Buzz Lightyear letting them reveal that he is the real Buzz Lightyear. Buzz told Woody to get back home but he didn't want to and decided to go with Jesse, Bullseye and Stinky Pete so they left. Woody watched the TV show and revealed that Andy is in it and changes his mind and decides to go with Buzz and the gang and told Jesse to go with them and Bullseye but Stinky Pete locks the thing and Woody found out that he is a baddie and got interrupted by Al who is late. So Buzz Lightyear and his gang were confronted by the Emperor Zurg and Buzz fights him and him and his gang go on the taxi where the alien from the first film is in and rides off. That's an awesome scene since I was a kid. As they're here they hide and go to the suitcase fortress to find Woody and Stinky Pete was defeated and now Woody, Buzz and Bullseye had to rescue Jesse. As Jesse is saved along with Woody, they go home and Andy is happy to be back home and find new toys. And now Woody and the gang are home and reunited to infinity and beyond Oh, and Wheezy has been fixed cause he got his squeaker back. Oh dear lord God. I have been watching loads of animation and this back in the older years and me and my old friends from old school had been non-stop quoting. That's what we all love to do. I have been watching Toy Story 2 on BBC 2 back at Grandad Bill's caravan after me and my parents been watching the first Toy Story back at Whitby. I think all the animated films are all on BBC 1 and 2 and I know all of the Disney classics and Pixar films by heart. Every scene, every quote and every song. There's also outtakes at the end of this film and they're are so funny I've been laughing at Stinky Pete farted in his box. This is an amazing movie. Really is just awesome all the way through. Much like Toy Story which is awesome, both films are really awesome and that is Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are all great films. Definitely good as each other. Yes, I know it's too much words and sentences to put out but that's just why I love watching animation and my friends quoting all the lines in every dialogue with me.
September 9, 2017
One small step for a toy, one giant leap for animation (2)
September 7, 2017
Excellent Movie. There's no more to add.
September 6, 2017
One of the best sequences ever made.
August 27, 2017
Many people say that Toy Story 2 is better than the original. Hell, even Toy Story 3 for that matter. Me personally, I disagree. While it is indeed a great movie, I just don't see how it is better than the other two movies. The way I see it is a dull installment compared to the other two, but again, that doesn't mean it is bad. Just like all of the other Pixar movies, it has amazing visuals, very talented voice cast, and great story telling. Albeit not as great as Toy Story and Toy Story 3, but still is great nonetheless. Plus this movie certainly has its memorable moments such as Jessie's backstory. With that I give it 8.5 out of 10. Great movie, but compared to the other two movies, and also other Pixar movies, it is a bit dull.
August 25, 2017
A superb sequel .
August 21, 2017
the weakest in the trilogy but still great.
August 17, 2017
One of the greatest animated movies of all time
August 16, 2017
Incredible that a sequel is almost equally as good as the original.
½ August 7, 2017
DID SOMEONE SAY.....TOM HANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
½ August 2, 2017
Once again, I can't say it's a master piece, but this is a good film. Better than the first one in fact.
½ August 1, 2017
I dont think this one was as good as the first but it is still one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies ever. ???
July 27, 2017
This movie had a lot to live up to because of the critical acclaim its predecessor got raising the bar very high and although it wasn't quite as fresh as the original it still has a lot too offer with a new original script with fun the whole family can enjoy
July 24, 2017
I think this sequel is pretty cool.
July 22, 2017
Toy Story 2 (1999) - is not only just as enjoyable as it's predecessor, but I personally think it's even better. Everything that the first Toy story started has been brought up to the next level in this amazing sequel.
The ideas and themes the concept tackles are done with great care and it perfectly balances the creative ideas with moments that really bring out the drama of what some of the characters go through. The many places our characters explore are made very grand and epic as this movie goes further with putting the toy's in many different scenarios that are fun and quite inventive. One second they might be cruising through Al's Toy Barn and another second they might be running through the baggage handling system at the Airport. Each scene is timed out perfectly and it gives us a lot of time to establish everything the movie throws at us. This is also the first time that I think Pixar really nailed the Blended effect of Creative fun and Impactful Heartfelt emotions. While their previous movie's sustained a number of elements to keep us coming back for more, I believe that this movie was the first time I felt that they perfected a formula that really emphasized what Pixar was really cable of.
The characters have still retained the charm that made them lovable in the first movie and the new characters work just as great with adding more layers to the world of Toys. Buzz and the rest of the Andy's Toys work on the comedic side of the adventure while Woody's side of the story is more down to earth and add some great world building when diving deep into how a toys feel about their owners. Jessie is a great example of this because her tragic backstory really shows the tragedy of being abandoned and what an effect it had on her. Other new characters like Al, Bullseye, the Prospect and even Emperor Zurg also bring their memorable mark in the movie and add more building blocks to the franchise.
The animation has noticeably improved from the first movie and it manages to improve many of the awkward bits that didn't look very appealing the last time. The textures feel more realistic and the animation on the humans is more natural and appealing. The environments feel more immersive and huge thanks to the update in technology and every place the toy's visit is always made adventurous and epic. The thing that captured my attention the most is the attention to detail they put into the woody's Roundup sequences. The look of the show really resembles the style of an old 50's show and the puppet animation is superb.
The Music is once again helmed by Randy Newman. He uses the same style of Nostalgic like violin tunes while adding some new scores that really help drive the emotion of every scene regardless of the feeling. This is also the first time that Pixar hired an actual artists to record songs for their movie. "Riders in the Sky" sung a few songs for the movie, one of them being the theme for Woody's Roundup. It works well when combined with the style of the Tv show. "Sarah McLachlan" sang a song for Jessie's backstory called "When she loved me" which is done beautifully and really emphases the emotion of the tragedy of Jessie's owner growing up and moving on without her.
Although the first movie was a great start for the series I think this movie really captivated The emotions and pathos of a toy's point of view with heartfelt moments, great new characters and a great blend of Creative ideas with relatable emotions. It's an outstanding movie that has everything I believe an animated movie should have and it's definitely one of Pixar's finest. (A+)
July 19, 2017
A fantastic sequel to a great film. Highly recommended
July 17, 2017
While surely improving their computer animation over the original, Pixar hasn't forgotten the humor, vocal talent, action and inventiveness that made it lovable.
July 13, 2017
By this point the CGI wasn't as mind blowing as when the original came out. It had a good story though and I still would recommend it for family viewing,
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