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Tomatometer Watch: Will Toy Story 3 Stay Perfect?

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"Toy Story 3" is not only one of the season's most anticipated movies, but the critical success of the first two toy-filled adventures give this sequel the unenviable, yet very enviable distinction of having to maintain what could be the most dominant streak of freshness in Tomatometer history. At the time of publication, "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" have combined for 214 reviews, all of which have been fresh. So while Woody and Buzz are no strangers to pressure and in fact, appear to do their best work under extreme circumstances, the film's level of critical and fan expectation is unprecedented. In this third and possibly final installment, a misunderstanding between Andy and his mom sees the toys wind up at Sunnyside daycare, which initially seems like a joyous, utopian retirement where they'll experience the excitement of being played with when Andy goes to college. However, the toys discover that this move came as a result of a misunderstanding and is not the vacation they thought it was. Before you take a trip into the walls of Sunnyside with the beloved cast, find out if the critics think "3" takes the series to infinity and beyond, and if the spotless Toy Story streak continues with this next installment.Back to Article


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