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½ October 26, 2015
Full on surrealism. You feel like in a dream the whole time. Crazy and creative but thats it. Because its hard to follow and light on story you won't remember it
½ June 13, 2015
Barely held my attention, it was interesting visually but too artsy for my taste. I wish the dvd would include the original voice performances.
December 10, 2014
Toys in the Attic Movie Review!

There are very little words to describe what I feel after I watch this movie. But if I have to say a few, I'd say: What? Why?

The claymation isn't the worst I've seen, but that doesn't stop from many scenes to be uncomfortably odd. There's a slew of genres and meanings that thoroughly just confuse the living hell out of me.

This is one of the strangest movies I've seen. And if there's some deeper meaning to this movie, it's very well hidden; encrypted even. It's...odd. Honestly.

I can't follow it, I can't ignore it, and what little story is shown here is just plain disturbingly odd.

2 out of 10 (1 star)
½ July 29, 2014
"Toys in the Attic" presents impressively drawn and crafted visuals and stop-motion animation but the story itself is overall generic, uneven and uninspired.
July 28, 2014
The film has been honored with awards including an Excellence Prize for animation at the 2010 Japan Media Arts Festival,[7] those for best feature at the 2010 New York International Children's Film Festival and the 2011 Tehran International Animation Festival,[8] in both winning over The Secret of Kells,[9][10] and the Kecskemét City Award at the 7th Festival of European Animated Feature Films and TV Specials in 2011
June 1, 2014
Very Eastern European and very simplistic. I thought I had been transported back 40 years to my childhood school holiday morning TV.
½ November 19, 2013
Stop Motion animation can be captivating but the story must merit the time and expense of the tedious production and Na Pude the Czech Republics answer to Toy Story just doesn't have the story to be captivating. A bit dark for kids and not interesting enough (even with the hidden metaphor) for adults to really garner the attention it seeks.
½ August 21, 2013
I get that this is about the fall of the Iron Curtain and Toys in the Attic is a phrase describing insanity so putting the two together is pretty straightforward. It's watered down to where here and there you can see the wall and the big gold rhinestone bust leader of the bad side where it's more apparent but otherwise it's just some mighty creepy animation that makes Tim Burton's stop motion characters look cuddly in comparison.
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½ June 21, 2013
When mother-figure doll Buttercup is kidnapped by an evil head (!), the other toys go on a surreal journey through the old home to rescue her in this Czech stop-motion animated feature. It seems lazy and obvious to describe this as 50% TOY STORY, 50% Jan Svankmajer, but that's exactly how the movie plays out. Hard to believe the head who spies anywhere in the house with his eyeball on a slithering stalk wouldn't give Czech children nightmares, but maybe they're tougher-minded than American kids.
½ April 2, 2013
Strange and wonderful in a creepy way that might upset its youngest clients. It plays a bit like Toy Story meets Brazil, a hand-crafted children's story with the air of sinister political satire.
February 10, 2013
If you like toy story you might like this
December 15, 2012
Sounds sort of interesting.
September 17, 2012
Toys in the Attic is worth seeing for any stop-motion-animation-ophile, although it mixes in live action and drawn animation at times. It does have occasional scary scenes in the same way that the monkeys and witch and whole other worldness of the Wizard of Oz could be when I was a kid.
September 11, 2012
Interesting film with a good plot. Nice to see Joan Cusack take part in multiple animated films. Hoping her work in this film to be of the good caliber.
September 9, 2012
First question out of my sons mouth was "When we'll the second one be made?".
September 8, 2012
I was pleasantly surprised by the beautifully gritty visual images captured by Barta in Toys especially when contrasted with today's anesthetic CGI genre of contemporary computer animations, I highly recommend this European art film in a contrast frame with Disney and Pixar. The unusual editing of 2D and 3D stop motion animation with live action was a delight for the eyes. Go see it but don't expect the polished plastic graphics of Toy Story.
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