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½ January 13, 2012

"Very well, I shall paint you're portrait right now for all prosperity. I shall entitle it 'Portrait of an Idiot', you'll be famous."-Max, the Artist (Karl Schanzer)

Experimental film, with signature Jack Hill comedy in it. It's like strange in a far out kind of way, can you dig? The hack artists were funny. The ladies' acting sucked but they were beautiful, very beautiful. Check out Hill's SPIDER BABY.
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June 18, 2011
Not sure why this movie has two titles, and not sure why it even had the title vampire in it, as the killer in this movie attacked both day and night. Nither title fit the movie,A movie made during a time when beatniks were cook, yes even before the hippies, and trash art was cool, we have a artist who paints portraits of women in bloody scenes, his models are all killed. No police on the case as women disappear and mo one seems to care, movie has many unexplainable cuts, and many mistakes, in final chase scene you see 3 guys chasing killer, then sometimes two or one or four, it just doesn't make sense, a very bad copy of the film most of the time scenes were very dark, no one would waste the time restoring this one. This was most defiantly in the drive -ins. 2 stars
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½ December 9, 2010
This movie is more like a classic slasher film than a vampire film, and not a good one at that. It's pretty bad, but it has it's moments.
March 17, 2010
the worst vampire movie ever made next to dracula's dog I remember this film was hosted by sammy terry a local horror movie host from indiana
January 27, 2008
Horror = Not interested.
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