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½ October 17, 2011
14 June 2011

Dish water.
November 11, 2009
Hell no.

They run up the stairs ...... they run down the stairs. Hackety hack hack slash the end believe me you wish it was.

Because not satisfied with running up and down the same flight of stairs twice in search of an escape from their wouldbe murderers and to be fair, just when I am hoping its over.... they run up the stairs they can run down the stairs, again!

stumble tussle stab hackety hack more wasters die...blahddy blah. blaaahh?

Approximately 70minutes into the movie one character....who is clearly tired of running up and down the same stairs in search of an exit proclaims " The exit must be on the ground floor " and down the stairs they go again.....for the love of god????

Apparently the exit is not on the ground floor so more fool me. so they go down further stairs....

ah what the hell if you still intend to watch this movie at this point theres no reasoning with you.....all I'll say is stair well clear (apologies)
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