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May 15, 2018
Probably underrated. This, a fairly decent story of how three women survived sex trafficking and their experience at a "ranch" in Texas.
April 25, 2018
This movie was great! I cried and was glued to my seat during the whole run time. I recommend highly. This movie is a "Got to See."
February 1, 2018
tt was kindof disturbing movie
January 15, 2018
ashley judd is Horrible
½ January 13, 2018
As a trainer on the subject of sex trafficking, I loved that part of the element of this movie was to show that every victim's circumstance and background is different. This movie was highly educational to those who know nothing about sex/human trafficking, and great, also for those of us who are surrounded by this subject on a daily basis. Ashley Judd is definitely a huge advocate against human trafficking, and I know that others who were in the movie have become so, as well. We all have a role to play in the fight. This movie captures the insanity, the fear, the horrendous reality that is human trafficking, and was well done.
January 13, 2018
A deeply touching - and disturbing - movie. Eye-opening. As a woman, I will continue to expose this awful and growing societal problem It must stop!
January 12, 2018
Tragic and well done story! Worth seeing and sharing the ugly truth!
January 12, 2018
Hard hitting but a must watch - best film so far I've seen tackling this subject matter. And it's based on true events...scary
October 9, 2017
Gripping and heartbreaking, this movie not only has a good cast but deals with the dark reality of what happens when a young woman is trafficked and abused for money. Worth watching if you want to learn more of a horrible truth happening here in our very own country.
October 4, 2017
Very hard to watch but necessary to be aware of what happening to so many women and children around the world. Very eye opening film.
October 3, 2017
unknown.....since your video is unavailable to review. name and premise looks good though.....
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