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½ August 26, 2007
It should been called Trail of the STINK Panther...LOL!!!
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½ April 6, 2010
This film was a big cut and paste movie. When Peter Sellers died, this film should have ended there. The Pink Panther movies never cussed until this one. There were a lot of questionable scenes. I normally love Pink Panther movies, but this was not very good. The trail is the worst in the pink panther seris.

Story: C-
Acting: B-
Direction: D
Visuals: C
Overall: C-

*1/2 out of 4 stars
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½ July 23, 2008
I think it's disgusting to make a "sequel" in which Clouseau is "missing" when he reality they used clips from previous movies because Peter Sellers was dead.
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May 4, 2007
Or how to milk previous footage for everything its worth.
½ March 27, 2012
Despite having died a year and a half before shooting began, Peter Sellers appears in this film via outtakes and alternate takes from the previous films in the series. Other characters appear in new footage to link the Sellers material together...but the Sellers stuff is all useless physical humor with no real plot, because saying anything would showcase that he is not in this new movie, but talking about stuff in the previous films. Every time Sellers is on screen you try and remember what the actual plot is or why anything is happening. It is a bad idea to use unused footage from the previous films to bring his character back one last time...but the execution is even worse. Niven returns, but is sadly dubbed by Rich Little since he was quite sick at the time of shooting. It tried to be a tribute to Sellers and the series...but it was more of a detriment. This film gets a little too blue as well, the comedy never relied and nudity or foul language before this, I don't know why they waited for the tribute of the series to soil their image (I'm not against this kind of humor, but it doesn't fit here). Shame they couldn't have let well enough alone, I guess Blake Edwards just had no better ideas cooked up by this point.
½ December 17, 2009
I compare Peter Sellers' performance in this film to that of Bela Lugosi from Plan 9 from Outer Space...Trail of the Pink Panther, almost starring Peter Sellers. when Sellers passed away, so too should have this franchise. it ceased being truly funny after about half-way through the third film. what we have here is not a film--it's a clip show with a very loosely-plotted story for filler. nothing new, nothing exciting, just the same old jokes and gags that make you laugh more out of pity and fond memories than actual humour.
½ December 21, 2007
The last Clouseau film to involve Peter Sellers in any way, this one was pretty widely panned on release, winning Sellers' widow a lawsuit for being an "insult" to Sellers memory, despite the fact that Blake Edwards (still directing) dedicated it to him as the "one and only" Inspector Clouseau. I think that's a bit on the harsh side, as long as one acknowledges the truth of the film's nature, though. Sellers' part consists entirely of outtakes, deleted scenes and recycled footage.

We start first with bits and pieces of previous films we've never seen--Clouseau lighting his pipe in his office, first acquiring his Quasimodo disguise and so on, as well as an alternate take of his return home with groceries that goes awry, as witnessed by his neighbor. He's assigned to track down the latest theft of the Pink Panther diamond, with Dreyfus (Herbert Lom, of course) naturally protesting it. He is sent to Lugash, and after an assassination attempt (while he has had a few on him, there juuuuust might be a different explanation this time...) and his plane disappears en route. Reporter Marie Jouvet (Joanna Lumley) begins interviewing people like his former assistant Hercule LaJoy (Graham Stark, reprising his role from A Shot in the Dark), Cato (Burt Kwouk, as usual) discussing his strange employment, and The Phantom (David Niven, returning with an impressionist substituting for his heavily weakened voice). Robert Loggia also makes a second appearance in the series, but as a different mobster than he was in Revenge of the Pink Panther.

What sort of completes the "Oops, too late!" feeling of the film is a strange, more psychedelic title sequence than I recall previously appearing in the series, this time made "in the style of" DePatie-Freleng by Art Leonardi (responsible for some of the late 60's Panther cartoons, actually). Nothing wrong with it--or with the performances of the supporting cast, or really with the writing. However, it brings to mind--this might bend a few minds, for which I apologize--episodes of one of the two anime series I've ever watched, Hokuto No Ken (aka Fist of the North Star) where periodically a character would be remembered after death by an episode consisting entirely of flashbacks with a small wrap-around. In that case it was a budget issue, pumping up the number of episodes to allow for a longer series and to keep things moving week to week without having to create new animation, but it always felt like a bit of a rip-off, whatever good there might have been done in recalling the acts of that character--much like there is some good in reviewing the work of the brilliant Sellers, but done only in bare portions here, with an even greater portion of the film than the last one devoted to the rest of the cast.

It's not a bad way to remember Clouseau, though, and I do think that his widow went a bit far, and it's not a bad way to close out the set I bought it in, though certainly it would have been better to include Return of the Pink Panther. I would not recommend it outside of this though--a completist watch alone, I think.
May 21, 2007
R.I.P. Peter Sellers. I think he died during the making of this movie. and oh yea, fuck Steve Martin for that stomach churning screw job he did of playing in the new Pink Panther
½ April 11, 2007
What a great way to piss on Peter Sellers legacy... let's make a movie with old stock footage of him as Inspector Clouseau. Awful rubbish. Even Herbert Lom couldn't save this turkey.
March 3, 2007
FUNN-Y one of the funniest movies. Sorry stupid Steve Martin but you suck and THATS an understatement....
½ February 9, 2016
This was a weak "tribute" to Peter Sellers who died during the making of. So the movie sucked and felt very disjointed, but that`s why.
January 7, 2015
It's absolutely nothing more than a rehash of clips of more well-known movies from this franchise with a mediocre plot and unnecessary padding to boot. Nonetheless, Herbert Lom does breathe his role when he manages to score some laughs.
January 6, 2014
After the death of Peter Sellers, Edwards threw something together with leftovers of other movies to make another episode of the Pink Panther serial. The film is an unforgivable mess that has no reason to exist.
½ October 3, 2013
Here's the worst film I've ever seen, and the only one against which I carry strong loathing on a personal level. Peter Sellers is one of my all-time favorite actors, and he died before filming the planned sixth entry into the Pink Panther series. Director Blake Edwards dipped to a nadir light years deep to release this film. It's nothing more than cutting room floor material for older films in the series and one of the most boring sequences I've ever seen in film in which a reporter goes from character to character and asks them about their memories of the now-missing Inspector Clouseau, featuring "flashbacks" of old movies akin to the clip episode that re-occurred in nearly every long-running TV sitcom in the 80s and early 90s. Sellers is "featured" in the movie's first act, in deleted scenes that were never good enough to see the light of day. As a result, what I saw was defiling of a corpse. Edwards made this film under the guise of forming a "tribute," but there is no way this unfunny drivel was ever considered good movie material. He just wanted to pump as much cash as he could from the series post-Sellers and never thought to let the man rest in peace. This shameful bastardization of cinema goes beyond simply non-existent storytelling, bad acting, and no direction. It's wrong on a personal level. May all who involved themselves in this desecration die a torturous death and burn in hell for mocking the memory of Peter Sellers.
½ July 31, 2013
Even recycled pastiche is funny. Bringing so many actors together to remember Inspector JC makes for a fitting tribute to Sellers. Oh, and Denise Crosby does have a great ass.
July 12, 2013
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May 18, 2013
I don't even know if this one should have been made. But, there were 2 or 3 scenes that Sellars had filmed before he passed away, and they are included in here, so they were a delight to watch. But the story? what story? it was painful. esp the ending. eh. those scenes and a bunch of clips from all the movies and maybe some behind the scenes stuff would have made a better movie
December 21, 2011
How can one even call this a Pink Panther movie? It mostly has clips from the old movies, and adds a few very pointless scenes with them.
½ June 5, 2010
Blake Edwards takes desperation in filmmaking to a whole new level with this train wreck. Perhaps giving us the idea, what pink panther movies could have been without Peter Sellers as a main interest.

Seller's death lead Edwards to take a page from Ed Wood's book of Shitty filmmaking. Just like in Plan 9 from Outer Space recycled outtakes from previous panther movies are glued together to create a storyline, which makes very little sense. Scenes featuring Sellers are mostly set in the office or in a car. The other characters just sit around explaining what's going on. When Edwards runs out of material, we are told Clouseau disappeared. The whole thing just blows my mind. How on earth do you make a movie using deleted scenes from previous movies. Those scenes did not make it to the final cuts because they did not move the story forward, so how do you use them to do the job in a whole new movie?

As soon as Clouseau is reported missing the movie suddenly into a documentary the audience is treated with clips from previous movies in 'flashback' style, making you wish you were watching a different 'panther' instead.

Verdict: Skip it
½ September 28, 2012
One star more than it actually deserves
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