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½ September 4, 2012
Construit comme un clip show d'une vulgaire sitcom mediocre avec des scenes coupees des precedents films, A LA RECHERCHE DE LA PANTHERE ROSE est un film realise sans genie par un BLAKE EDWARDS. L'histoire est vide, les acteurs brassent du vent et le film manque clairement de liant. Une bien mauvaise conclusion a la carriere de PETER SELLERS (mort 2 ans avant la sortie du film).
August 24, 2012
Despite having died a year and a half before shooting began, Peter Sellers appears in this film via outtakes and alternate takes from the previous films in the series.
Other characters appear in new footage (Visibly aged since the first film 17 years prior) to link the Sellers material together...was a mess.
August 9, 2012
Sure, it's a cash-in. It's also widely underrated. The film doesn't really know what to do with itself at many points, giving it an aimless quality, but it still manages to have several very funny moments. The outtakes with Sellers are pretty effective. Not a bad way to end the series, considering that at this point Sellers was dead. It offers up a little closure that would be quickly ended by two even more ridiculous sequels.
July 20, 2012
less of a movie, and more of a clip show.
April 19, 2012
I dont care to watch.
½ March 27, 2012
Despite having died a year and a half before shooting began, Peter Sellers appears in this film via outtakes and alternate takes from the previous films in the series. Other characters appear in new footage to link the Sellers material together...but the Sellers stuff is all useless physical humor with no real plot, because saying anything would showcase that he is not in this new movie, but talking about stuff in the previous films. Every time Sellers is on screen you try and remember what the actual plot is or why anything is happening. It is a bad idea to use unused footage from the previous films to bring his character back one last time...but the execution is even worse. Niven returns, but is sadly dubbed by Rich Little since he was quite sick at the time of shooting. It tried to be a tribute to Sellers and the series...but it was more of a detriment. This film gets a little too blue as well, the comedy never relied and nudity or foul language before this, I don't know why they waited for the tribute of the series to soil their image (I'm not against this kind of humor, but it doesn't fit here). Shame they couldn't have let well enough alone, I guess Blake Edwards just had no better ideas cooked up by this point.
March 26, 2012
An ill-advised attempt to keep the franchise going after Peter Sellers' death. I can understand (on a basic level) what the intention was with this, and I'm sure Blake Edwards saw it as something of a tribute, but it's hard not to look at this film as being (at least a little bit) in bad taste. Sure, the unused Sellers material is nice to see, as is the parade of former series guest stars, but the movie is screwed from a structure standpoint, and very little attempt is made to disguise the fact that this is NOT really a narrative story at all. It's a clips show, something that would have been better suited to a television retrospective or documentary.
½ March 21, 2012
It's sweet that the Pink Panther team wanted to honor the memory of Peter Sellers, but I wish they figured out a better way than this. An entire movie where they took scraps of footage and tried to edit together a story. A clip show sometimes works on a half-hour sitcom, but trying to cobble together a movie out of past movie clips and even scenes cut from other movies is a bad idea. It's sad because they intend to honor the memory of Sellers and instead they make an uncomfortably bad movie.

They tried to get it right with the cast because they recruited a list of actors from the past Panther movies. Sadly they don't spend enough time with the a-list and instead have long scenes with Clouseau's father who isn't nearly as funny, or even an American cab driver who tries too hard to get a laugh that never comes. Why bother getting David Niven to appear when all you're using him for is a glorified eulogy? You don't honor a comedy genius by having a bunch of overly dramatic scenes that feel out of place, you actually put effort into making the movie funny.

I think the biggest crime is that they manufactured the beginning of the film in order to have some semblance of a plot. Then less than halfway into the movie they act as though that plot has vanished. They never resolve the stealing of the Pink Panther, in fact they even have a reporter questioning Clouseau's lead suspect, and the subject of the diamond never comes up. If you want to make a tribute film then just do it, but don't create some illusion that you're starting something with a genuine plot and then abandon it halfway through. Trail of the Pink Panther is an example of good intentions gone bad.
November 16, 2011
The first of the post-Sellers Panther movies. When the Pink Panther diamond is stolen again, bumbling Cheif Inspector Clouseau (Sellers) is on the case once more only to mysteriously disappear, leaving an intrepid reporter (Joanna Lumley) to investigate the man and his misadventures. A jumbled film in three segments â" the first is welcome unused Sellers footage from previous Panthers, the second classic moments intertwined with interviews of Clouseauâ(TM)s counterparts (Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk, Graham Stark, Capucine and David Niven, no less) before finishing with a slumpy third act focused on Lumley. The end product? Predictably, watchable for all the Sellers clips (particularly the unused footage) and its at least more palatable than the dire "Revenge of the Pink Panther", which should have been more than enough to convince director Blake Edwards that his franchise was over.
July 2, 2011
Using old clips of Peter Sellers and try to create a movie? Fail.
June 8, 2011
"A la recherche de la panthère rose"
½ June 6, 2011
Not as good but its OK.
April 16, 2011
This is an okay flick thou it sadly misses the constant presence (not just on archive fotagge) of now sadly diseased Peter Sellers. Shouldn't have been made.
February 4, 2011
Cobbled together after sellers passed away using old and deleted footage.....its as bad as it sounds. Nice idea in theory for a tribute but....nah.
½ January 11, 2011
it's mostly clips from the other films.
½ October 28, 2010
One of the dumbest movies ever made. Only later I found out that this one is made after Peter Seller's death using previously cut scenes from Panther movies. In this they shows the most memorable and funniest jaw dropping moments of the previous installments. As usual Seller's is funnier and dumber than ever.,and Herbert Lom is brilliant in these movies too. The entire Pink Panther series is the most hilarious and the dumbest(creative) movie series you can get.
October 14, 2010
½ June 10, 2010
What a mess a total money making scam on people
Super Reviewer
½ April 6, 2010
This film was a big cut and paste movie. When Peter Sellers died, this film should have ended there. The Pink Panther movies never cussed until this one. There were a lot of questionable scenes. I normally love Pink Panther movies, but this was not very good. The trail is the worst in the pink panther seris.

Story: C-
Acting: B-
Direction: D
Visuals: C
Overall: C-

*1/2 out of 4 stars
March 7, 2010
This Sellers-less Pink Panther film would have been good, had the star lived to complete it.
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