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Trainwreck Quotes

  • Amy: Oh my god, he's calling me.
    Nikki: Why would he call? You guys just had sex.
    Amy: [answers phone] This is Amy. I think you butt dialed me.
    Amy: This is Amy. I think you butt dialed me.
    Aaron Conners: No, I dialed you with my fingers.
    Amy: [to Nikki] He called me on purpose.
    Amy: He called me on purpose.
    Nikki: Hang up! He's obviously like sick or something.
    Aaron Conners: I was calling to say I had a really good time last night and was wondering if you wanted to, um, hang out again.
    Nikki: I'm going to call the police.

  • Allister: Mom, if I kiss your belly hard enough, will the baby feel it?

  • Dumpster Guy: Hey, Amy. Where are you going? Thats not planned parenthood.

  • Dianna: I like you, Amy. You're clever but you're not too brainy. You're pretty-ish and you're not gorgeous. You're approachable.

  • Donald's Mother: He's 16!

  • Amy: You dress him like that so nobody else wants to have sex with him? That's cool.

  • Amy: I like Tom's sweater, does he teach computer in a church basement?

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