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½ May 22, 2017
Filmed back-to-back with the equally bad "Trancers 4: Jack of Sword" on cheap Romanic filming locations, this final entry in the Trancers series (unless you count a cameo by Thomerson in Evil Bong) is more than a disappointment. Tim Thomerson once again plays Jack Deth and this time has to find some mythical MacGuffin to stop an evil Trancer king. Chases through castles and forests ensue. The original film was a lot of fun because it was as if someone from the Blade Runner universe stepped into modern day Los Angeles. I'm not sure seeing Rick Deckard in a Romanian castle nearly as interesting. Stick with the first film to leave on a high note and maybe part 2 and 3 if you're in a forgiving mood, but skip part 4 and 5. Dullsville.
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½ May 4, 2014
Ah here we have an old Charles Band trick. This film was made back to back with the previous film and then cut in two. Problem is this half isn't too long so they have padded out the first six/seven minutes with back story from the last film! weak.

So its the same again with the same people and the same baddie leader who conveniently comes back from the dead to be the baddie leader in this film again!. So if you read my review of number four you will get an idea for number five, identical stuff at a run time of 1hour 14min!!

I do like the films poster art for this one though, all these films have some great cheesy 80's style poster art. The films title isn't half bad either 'Sudden Deth', nice play on words there.

This film also marked the last time Thomerson stars as Deth in this franchise. I guess he finally got bored or they just couldn't afford to pay him anymore.
½ October 27, 2012
Continues right from # 4. Jack Deth finds a way back to his own dimension by finding a triamond in the Castle of Unrelenting Terror. A shade below the earlier films but it's still a treat to see Stacie Randall ply her trade in any film.
½ February 12, 2012
Once you get past the backstory filler at the beginning of this film, Trancers 5 turns out to be a decent film. Following in the medievil footsteps of part 4, this film concentrates more on Jack Deth and less on the trancers which is nice. This film is essentially a quest film as Jack is trying to find a way back home. While the quest he goes on isn't original, it's still a fun watch. A worthwhile addition to the Trancers series and a must watch for Jack Deth fans.
½ September 7, 2011
A straight continuation from Part 4. Thomerson still has terrific comedic timing and Terri Ivens and Stacie Randall were certainly welcome additions to the fold. For Trancers completists, Full Moon watered down the product as much as possible.
½ August 29, 2010
Trancers 5 is the left over shit form Trancers 4 and it is pretty much pointless. I really hate these sequels that are filmed back to back as they usually take one story that could really stand as one film and they stretch it out, trying to make two fucking movies and add a lot of pointless padding in the process. Trancers 5 is no fucking different.

Still trapped in a medieval dimension, Jack Death and his band of rogue humans must once again defeat Caliban in order to find a medallion to send Deth back to his own dimension. That's it.

This whole film could have been cut down to 20 minutes, tacked on the end of Trancers 4 and we would still have a film that ran a regular hour an half length. This is just a bunch of bullshit. Deth having to hunt down a precious stone in order to get back to his own time has to be the most quickie, shit story concepts they could have possibly come up with.

Thanks to Trancers 5 being filmed back-to-back with Trancers 4 we are still graced with the same shitty acting, the same shitty dialogue, and the same poor production values, just with a more shitty script. The most disappointing part of the film is when Jack Deth and a rogue Trancer enter a "castle of horrors" in order to claim the medallion and the "horrors" just end up being some kind of orgy party. What?!

What a disappointing final film for Tim Thomerson in the series. The writers should have combined this and Trancers 4 into a tighter, more comprehensible script and it would have worked good as a sequel. No instead Charles Band gets greedy and decides to make one film into two to get more money and in turn stretches out the thin script too far as well as the money resources. See it if only you are a diehard Trancer fan and my advice is to stop here. Yes there is a Trancers 6 but unless you're a masochist... stay away!
May 20, 2010
Still trapped on an alien world, Jack Deth finds a possible way back home. But in the meantime, an old foe returns.

Set one month after the events of the last movie (both obviously filmed at the same time), this entry in gthe franchise continues the story in the same kind of style. The story is slightly better than the previous, and all the more confusing elements removed. Tim Thomerson still has some good comedic lines. With another short running time time (73 minutes), this movie is just about makes it to a bulk standard concluson. In the end, this reviewer feels that it was ok, but not a patch on earlier entries.
½ February 13, 2010
Is there a cooler title than that, I ask you?
January 27, 2010
Trancers 5: Sudden Deth is a direct continuation of the story from part 4 (which were shot back-to-back) keeping with the exact same tone and feel, which is vastly different from the first 3 films. Now that the Trancer empire has fallen, the humans attempt to figure out how to send Jack back to his home. Along with the dead Trancer king's son Prospero (who switched sides in part 4), Deth embarks on a journey to the Castle of Unrelenting Terror to fetch a jewel that is capable of sending him home. Aside from dealing with the unrelenting terrors (which are quite hilarious) the castle has to offer, they must also contend with the remaining Trancers whose king (returning Clabe Hartley) is resurrected and looking to get back at Deth. This follows the same formula as the previous one. All sci-fi action has now been replaced with mostly sword and sorcery. The comedy is kicked up much higher in these ones, especially in part 5. The film does sport a nice conclusion that I wish was the final end of the Trancers franchise, but alas, there is a 6th one, which has no Jack Deth in it save for archive footage. Anyone interested in seeing Tim Thomerson as Jack Deth again should check out his small, but cool cameo in Evil Bong. Overall, part 5 is a nice end piece to part 4, but still very different and a far cry from the first three films. Not bad though.
½ November 15, 2009
Continues right from # 4. Jack Deth finds a way back to his own dimension by finding a triamond in the Castle of Unrelenting Terror. A shade below the earlier films but it's still a treat to see Stacie Randall ply her trade in any film.
September 30, 2009
Trancers 5: Sudden Deth was made during a period where Full Moon was in the habit of making films back to back, so this one was filmed the same time that Trancers 4: Jack of Swords was made. Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) is still stuck in this medieval setting, still trying to put an end to the vampire-like trancers plaguing this world and he is still trying to make it back home to his own dimension. The only thing this film isn't still being is fun. Sudden Deth is the most rushed feeling entry of the series, and the most empty.

There was far too much going on in this movie, and there wasn't equal time spent focusing on all of these different character's storylines. So at times it was easy to lose track of what was going on, and who was who and what exactly they were doing. Plus, the film flows extremely awkward. There is a scene of action, followed up with a dreadfully long scene of dull dialogue. It all got repetitive after a while.

The action in this film once again returns to that very anti-climatic style that made the first couple of entries in the series difficult to watch. Even central villain Caliban (Clade Hartley) wasn't given any time to truly become the menace he should have been. And the final showdown between Jack and Caliban was a tremendous letdown. Such a shame that no time was spent on developing Caliban, especially since he is the only villain of the series to appear in more than one film.

The only saving grace for this film was once again Tim Thomerson as Jack Deth. It's weird that two of the weaker entries in the series, both part 4 and 5, were the ones where Jack Deth finally came to life as a character. Thomerson really seemed to be enjoying himself in this film, and he was a blast to watch on screen.

So this finished up the Trancers box set I purchased last week. This certainly isn't one of the better series from Full Moon, but for the most part these are entertaining movies. I wouldn't recommend the average filmgoer to seek out these films, but for those who enjoy Full Moon movies I think these should make for a decent time.
September 14, 2009
Ok how to rip off fans this could easily been tagged onto the end of 4 as its only really about an hour long.
September 12, 2009
Slightly better than part 4 if only because the villains are offscreen for the most of it and Deth is back in the spotlight. The low budget doesn't help, but it's extremely short (minus credits and a long preamble, it's only about an hour long).
June 28, 2008
Part 2 of number #4, Cop Deth is still trying to get back home from this unusual world, again the film still manages to avoid being terrible but the spark of the series is draining away.
June 26, 2008
This one continues right after the fourth part, which was a very short film also. So short in fact, that you have to wonder why they didn't just make em' as the one movie.

Anyway, ignoring that for a minute, this film will provide a chuckle or two, mainly due to the seriously bad acting from Thomerson and the supporting actors. Although one exception here is Stacie Randall, who has a duel role, playing the lovely Lyra in not one, but two dimensions. Some of the plot elements are cleverly lifted from Asterix, but it is nice to see the writer was a fan. After it was over, I felt kind of mad knowing the true Trancers films were finished and if Thomerson decides to return, I'd like him to be exactly like the wisecracking detective he was in the original.
April 19, 2008
Trancers 5 continues immediately from the fourth film titled Jack of Swords, as trancer legend Jack Deth is still stranded in Orpheus, and learns of a Tiamond that can return him to his own time.

This one begins with a lengthy recap of the events of the previous entry, and doesn't let up one bit from there. This is most likely due to the fact that it's very low budget, and very short. Add to this the responsibility of having to get the movie completed in time for release alongside part 4.

Anyway, Trancers 5 has a few memorable scenes, mostly involving Jack himself. The end result is a (mostly) disappointing one with little cheers. But hats off to Tim Thomerson for playing Jack this long. I'd definitely watch this over Trancers 6 any day, along with its predecessors.
January 20, 2008
This was the last Trancers movie I decided to watch.
I know there is a 6th film but without Tim Thomerson it just isn't the same and this was the worst movie of the series.
June 18, 2007
The second half of part 4. Still ugh.
March 6, 2007
Basically a continuation of part 4 with the exact same tone and sense of humor. Lots of fun if you enjoy campy films.
December 12, 2006
I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!
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