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September 22, 2016
Pfister and Paglen are going for emotional intimacy, but they forgot to add enough shading to their ensemble to land any kind of punch.
May 5, 2014
The movie is rhythmless, shapeless, and, with the exception of a few shots, cheesy-looking.
April 24, 2014
Remember when paycheck-hungry actors were accused of phoning in a performance? Johnny Depp spins that for millennials in Transcendence by Skpying in his performance.
April 21, 2014
When it's all over, you will turn on your iPhone and ask Siri to find you a good restaurant for a bite to eat near the theater. And you will have learned nothing.
April 20, 2014
"Transcendence" is a moronic stew of competing impulses - bad science meets bad sociology meets bad theology ...
April 18, 2014
One of those "control technology or it will control you" sermons that nonetheless enlists the usual heap of technically advanced special effects.
June 8, 2019
Transcendence does look beautiful, but this only reaffirms it to be a classic example of style over substance.
March 8, 2019
Disappointingly, despite the top-notch cast headlining the film, Transcendence does not quite live up to its potential. The narrative is too clunky and the characters are a tad superficial.
January 25, 2019
After a compelling beginning, it jumps off the cliff quickly.
January 24, 2019
It never really clicks and grows progressively hokey and dull. It's a waste of a lot of talented people.
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