Transformers: Dark of the Moon Reviews

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August 29, 2019
It's big, it's brash, it's loud, it's dumb and it's mostly entertaining if that's what you're up for.
June 8, 2019
A completely unhinged whirlwind of epic action that is truly astounding.
May 7, 2019
There's nothing too complex about the film (other than the parade of special effects and explosions), but it's mindless fun that works on its own level.
April 2, 2019
So how does Michael Bay justify making a third? Why, by making the film a little dense as to plot, and giving it perhaps the longest climax ever in Hollywood history.
February 27, 2019
The obnoxious and ungrateful shall inherit the Autobots, the power and the cash.
February 13, 2019
the actual Transformers action in Transformers: Dark of the Moon looks great and should please those who enjoy the format. Getting there, however, transforms what should be a brisk set-up into a long haul.
November 1, 2018
Like its immediate predecessor, Dark of the Moon is loud, dumb, and dull. It's as much an assault on the senses as it is on the intelligence
July 10, 2018
There ought to be a way to make a live-action film about giant shapeshifting robots that's either a) fun or b) awesome... It's blatantly evident that Bay can only just about manage b) long enough to provide the shots needed to cut into a trailer.
March 22, 2018
In the hands of director Michael Bay, this battle is bound to be over the top, and the special effects amaze.
January 26, 2018
As with most of his films, Michael Bay doesn't take the less-is-more approach when it comes to spectacle. That he saves for his convoluted screenplay and flat human characterizations.
December 15, 2017
And yet, by now it all comes together into a personal vision, imbecilic and undeniably whole.
October 24, 2017
Where I do not give Bay any kind of pass, the problem I identify as uniquely his own and the reason I think that, no matter how technically proficient he is, he is a bad filmmaker, is his utter tone deafness to stereotypes and characterizations.
September 8, 2017
Never mind the ridiculous subtitle. It's really just a precursor for what is to come from the rest of the movie. And Transformers: Dark of the Moon doesn't even try to play down its idiocy.
May 12, 2015
Nowhere near as jaw-droppingly racist as the previous two installments. Is that damning with faint praise?
June 30, 2013
An overlong ordeal, devoid of excitement and intrigue.
June 23, 2013
This movie is actively making the world a worse place to live. I am certain Michael Bay considers it his masterwork. He's right. God help us all.
March 2, 2013
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is one of the best blockbuster I've seen in years. No other action film can compare to what is undoubtedly Michael Bay's magnum opus, this is the film to beat this summer!
January 1, 2013
By a thin margin, the best film in the series. Funnier. But that's not saying much.
November 9, 2012
Easily transformed into the worst summer blockbuster of the year.
October 2, 2012
Despite an over-long and underwhelming build-up, the final hour of Dark of the Moon is an all-out action fest with some of the coolest visuals ever put to film.
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