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July 7, 2008
Although it strives to appeal to the whole family, it winds up emerging as a kiddie flick on steroids - a big-budget, effects heavy, feature film version of a Saturday morning cartoon.
May 24, 2008
Transformers is the best action movie I have seen since The Matrix.
April 9, 2008
'Transformers' is a loud, unsophisticated testament to the visceral thrills of effects-driven mayhem.
January 4, 2008
An overachiever of a film that practically defines the term summer blockbuster.
December 18, 2007
If you take Transformers with a grain of'll have a pretty fun time checking out both the robotic (transformers) and human (Megan Fox) eye candy
October 20, 2007
When Transformers is going strong early on, it's the grandest -- in every sense of the word -- entertainment in years.
October 19, 2007
The action scenes are too chaotic to be exciting.
October 16, 2007
Audiences are liable to be in a state of utter bewilderment.
October 8, 2007
Without expectations I could sit back and enjoy the updated computer- generated nostalgia for what it was.
September 21, 2007
Just a whole tub o' fun.
September 13, 2007
... Bay and his team know what we want from a Transformers movie: cool transformations, over-the-top chase sequences, and senseless destruction.
September 12, 2007
A sensory attack that drives us into tiny little fetal balls on the ground, whimpering that we must have liked it because the car effects looked cool.
September 1, 2007
An action movie made out of doll parts shouldn't be this much fun.
August 9, 2007
Eventually, though, the big metal things start talking and possessing names like Optimus Prime, Ratchet, and Bumblebee. This is the point that separates the men from the boy-geeks, and I just couldn't make that leap.
August 4, 2007
The film goes on and on, it is unbearably loud, and much of the dialogue is impossible to hear.
July 31, 2007
I challenge you to name another movie about an alien robot come to save the world while disguised as a yellow Camaro. Isn't it just an intergalactic Herbie the Love Bug?
July 30, 2007
Films directed by Michael Bay are usually like being shouted at by a halfwit for two and a half hours, and Transformers is no exception.
July 27, 2007
There are sights on show here that I promise the likes of which you'll have never seen.
July 27, 2007
The script may have rubbery legs, but the action is rock-hard. The surprise is the lightness of touch: treat as a comedy for best results.
July 26, 2007
The effects are jaw-droppingly good and if all you want is giant robots blowing stuff up, then Transformers delivers.
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