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June 16, 2010
Demented, juvenile and utterly pretentious nonsense that comes across like a senile version of Jackass crossed with white trash performance art, yet it's also strangely enjoyable and has future cult hit written all over it.
June 4, 2010
a painful and deadly dull slog that tries to approximate the outrages of early underground cinema without bringing anything new to the table.
June 3, 2010
This interminable piece of crap copped a big prize at the 2009 Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.
May 13, 2010
The crass, fuzzy beauty of VHS' defiantly crisp-free recording technology gives haunting visual power to both the empty-parking-lot dreariness of day and the harsh, lamplit hum of night.
May 13, 2010
The spirit of celluloid is dragging 3D CGI to the toilet and giving it a swirly.
May 12, 2010
For the brave souls who make it to the end, there should at least be no question of the movie's sincerity.
May 11, 2010
A gross indulgence in the uncertain that is less a scary, 'found tape' whodunit than a jaw-dropping shocksploit with one very weird agenda.
May 7, 2010
However crassly delivered, Mr. Korine's warning against over-consumption is unambiguous: these savages are our future, our "true seed." The only surprise is that he didn't include a shot of one of them violating this film.
May 7, 2010
It's about as enervating a way to waste 78 minutes as I've ever experienced.
May 7, 2010
May 7, 2010
May 6, 2010
Trash Humpers is Korine the performance artist pleading for attention. Look away.
May 5, 2010
It's no accident that Korine's visual style mimics that of a scratchy old VHS tape. There's a name for the genre he's now working in -- it's called glorified public-access TV.
May 5, 2010
If this is what passes for contemporary art terrorism, we'll opt instead for something truly subversive -- like genuine art.
May 4, 2010
It's ultimately less a celebration of impulse behavior than a celebration of the parodic impulse to record.
March 31, 2010
It's all very confusing and I have to admit, I'm not sure I even liked "Trash Humpers." But, I respect it and I respect Korine as an artist.
January 15, 2010
Never have so many curbside trash containers been violated in the name of art, as well as trees, a mailbox, and a forlorn electric pole.
November 24, 2009
Korine is just too old for this s**t
November 18, 2009
Never has the bizarre beauty of degraded low-grade video been exploited to this extent.
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