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April 12, 2017
Stunning performance by Humphrey Bogart. If there was ever an Oscar award winning performance by this Hollywood great, this is it! Director John Houston and his wonderful cast make one of the best films of all time.
March 18, 2017
Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston and Tim Holt star in the Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Bogart is Dobbs and he and his friend Curtin, are two low life's that are laying around Tampico. Dobbs begs fellow Americans for money so he can get a decent meal. They get scammed out of money and have to fight and scrap to make by. They finally get a break when they get some money and decide to try their luck as gold prospectors.

They enlist Howard (Huston) to take them and help them find gold
As they begin to search for gold they become quite successful and start dreaming of how much to take and what they will do with all the money. They decide to split up the gold dust as they find it and each of them hides it in a separate place. When Curtin accidentally stumbles upon Dobb's hiding place Dobbs begins to lose trust in his fellow partners. They still manage to stick together as they fight off rebels, and bandits. There are some great scenes of comradely between the men, and there are many scenes of tension and darkness where I believed any one of them could have been killed. Eventually Dobb's greed and paranoia gets the best of him as he attempts to kill Curtin in cold blood while Howard is off praised for helping some natives.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is slow drama that gradually unfolds to those who are patient. The characters start off innocent, and you root for them to find fortune. The film depicts what can happen to a man when stricken by greed. Hobbs starts as a good man, but his transition to darkness is the film's best attribute. Huston and Holt are excellent side characters and you feel for them as they try and curtail the wrath and envy of Dobbs. They each share the burden trying to do the right thing despite Dobb's constant objections. Although none of them are completely innocent as they almost decide to kill a man in cold blood to protect their find, they all eventually get what they deserve. Great direction and great performances drive this picture in what has a pretty straight forward story. Treasure of the Sierra Madre runs a little long, but it has quite a payoff and is a great drama/adventure.

March 12, 2017
10 out of 10:

With themes that are well taught, great direction, and terrific performances, this film shines as one of the best western films.
½ November 20, 2016
One of the best films of all time. Greed is obviously the thematic drive here but there's so much else going on. Walter Houston is just mind-blowing to watch. John Houston is a directing genius with how he shoots every single scene in this film. The perfect mix of mystery, action, comedy and darkness.
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November 10, 2016
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a brilliant film for many reasons. It's a beautifully looking film shot on location in Mexico, a true testament to the greatness that was Humphrey Bogart, and most of all, it's an unsettling tale of what greed can do to your soul. Out of all the characters in the movie, there are only a few that appear to have good intentions. But even those people, are fueled by greed or rage at some point or another. All of them go through fascinating journeys of either self-discovery or self-betrayal. Although it's a film that takes its time with its characters and story, there isn't a moment where I felt the film's pace needed to be picked up. That was just simply the way films were told back in the 40's. You're always in it for the long haul with these characters, even when there doesn't seem to be much left to the main character's souls.

If I had to go through Bogart's career of award worthy performances (surprisingly, he was only nominated 3 times), his turn as Dobbs may be my favorite performance of his, and yes that includes The African Queen. There's something to be said about him moving away from his usual gloomy and somber characters to one that completely jumps off the rails. But it fits in with the increasingly unhinged tone of the film, so Bogart would get my vote. He, along with John Huston's directing are why this is one of the most interesting pieces of cinema from the 40's. It's one of the rare films with mostly unlikable characters that actually works. That deserves some props.

August 21, 2016
Rich with themes like the mountain setting is rich with gold, "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" is a tale of greed that will forever be cemented as a classic.
July 19, 2016
Recommended masterpiece about greed and how it destroys human beings.
June 30, 2016
Cracking old timer Western. Jumps along at a pretty pace and the plot whilst simple, remains interesting. Some good characters in the film and some ridiculous laughing scenes to keep you entertained. All round quality.
June 22, 2016
Hey, I finally saw the "Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges." movie! :-) Super beautifully filmed movie! And Bogart is great in his role! This has to be one of the sweatiest, dirtiest films of all time! Yuck! And the greed, greed, greed. Not so good, Dobbs ol' pal? Holt and Huston are also very good, and the trio together make this the classic that it is!
June 14, 2016
Bogeys best film. The starts and ends with strong performances from the entire cast. A must see...
June 6, 2016
I have to say, watching a classic black and white movie that's over 2 hours long is quite a challenge when you're sleepy. Still, this kept my interest the whole way through. I mean, who doesn't love a good adventure? Gold prospecting in northern Mexico, banditos on the prowl and Humphrey Bogart.. good stuff right here.
May 20, 2016
A fine tale of trust, honour, greed and suspicion played out in the perfect setting for it.
½ May 17, 2016
Action, drama, suspense, betrayal, hope, gunfights, redemption, twists and 3 Oscars in one of Humphrey Bogart's great classics.
April 22, 2016
An immortal classic. It's a fascinating experience, an example of a perfect movie.
April 16, 2016
April 16, 2016
A totally brilliant film. This is the one that Bogart SHOULD have won an oscar for, as his performance is wonderful. Having said that, the whole movie is stolen by the incredible performance of Walter Huston as the "old" prospector....and what a performance!! Truly deserved the oscar he won for it. In short, a "tour de force" by all the actors, not least the wonderful "gold hat"....Alfonso Bedoya.One of the classic all time movies, Hollywood at it's best and, for me, impossible to fault. A truly GREAT movie. I just wonder how Bogart didn't get that oscar! His best performance by far, although the oscar he DID win in "The African Queen" was fabulous too.
½ April 6, 2016
Roy Dobbs is a jerk.... And some of the old endings aren't my style
April 3, 2016
Saw this on 2/4/16
Humphrey Bogart's terrific anti-hero is the key to this film and the actor plays a role that seems real strange for a star to play at that point of time. The film is dark, gritty and still fast paced.
March 29, 2016
One if not the greatest movie ever made
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