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April 25, 2020
A splendid adventure film that doesn't mistreat its characters under the weight of the most hackneyed archetypes of the company. [Full Review in Spanish]
November 9, 2019
Another artistically masterful animated classic from Disney, Treasure Planet is like a super-nova, energetically exploding in a panorama of eye-popping candy colors.
February 22, 2019
To me it felt tedious, but I admire what they were trying to do.
January 10, 2016
an adventure with some incredibly creative ways to pay tribute to Disney's original classic while realistically updating the story for a new generation
December 29, 2010
Outer-space pirate treasure hunt lots of fun; fab animation.
October 29, 2008
By following its story as closely as they have, the filmmakers have retained much of what made the novel a classic.
September 9, 2008
It's laced with literate humor, and the directors cite N.C. Wyeth's illustrations for the 1911 Scribner's edition of Treasure Island as the inspiration for their marvelously detailed fantasy world.
August 7, 2008
Swashbuckling, intergalactic fun.
September 26, 2003
Esta curiosa releitura do clssico de Robert Louis Stevenson conta com um visual impressionante e boas seqncias de ao. Ainda assim, est longe de se equiparar aos grandes clssicos da Disney.
August 1, 2003
...just the sort of fast-paced adventure flick that today's kids aren't getting enough of.
June 26, 2003
It's not one of Disney's greatest, but it's solid entertainment.
June 22, 2003
The film's signature imagery is impressive and there are some good set-pieces.
May 28, 2003
May 20, 2003
This is Disney animation at its best: a witty and swashbuckling tale of adventure.
February 18, 2003
Disney guarantees a certain standard of entertainment that will doubtless satisfy several hundred thousand families.
February 17, 2003
Disney's Treasure Planet adds a unique spin to a classic story which has delighted readers for generations.
February 8, 2003
It's beautiful, it's funny, it's colorful. But somehow the magic isn't exactly there in full measure.
January 8, 2003
Dazzles and delights, like a billion bits of gold bullion strewn about the caves of a rampaging buccaneer.
January 5, 2003
December 27, 2002
If you don't have a youngster handy to give you an excuse to see Treasure Planet, hire one, just so you can step off this mortal coil in turmoil for 95 minutes of terrific adventure, with hardly any corn or schmaltz to distract you from a ripping good yar
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