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½ November 20, 2012
121120: Couldn't sleep so thought I'd finish this one off. It was painful. I was such a big fan of Hill. He's fallen so far since My Name is Nobody, one of my favourite films. Stop with Doc West, which is not much better. This film has no heart and, based upon their performances, the actors had none either.
June 4, 2012
Not bad !
Just fine to relax watching ...
½ September 25, 2011
A "B" rated movie, it tells the tale of decency, courage, and friendship. Mostly a family movie, it's worth the watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
June 19, 2011
Predictable and bad acting.
½ April 5, 2011
Horrible Movie Bad Acting Bad Plot I Couldn't Even Stay 5 Minutes Into It That Is How Bad It Is This Movie Makes The Last Airbender Look Oscar Worthy Do Not Rent Or Buy Or Watch This Peice Of Crap If I Could Rate It Negative It Would Get -10000000000000000000000000 Stars I Was Wrong On My Last Airbender Review This Is The Worst Movie In Humanity's Movie History
March 6, 2011
Continuation to Doc West
½ January 15, 2011
Worst movie I've seen all year!
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