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December 1, 2015
Maybe more like a 3.75. I really enjoyed this. I really enjoyed the manga and the anime too. It was nice to see the movie fit the same tone.
½ February 11, 2015
It fails to meet the standards that the series layed down.
October 4, 2014
I must say that I loved the anime, so I was a total sucker for this movie. Trigun: Badlands Rumble brings back one of the greatest shows of the genre with better animation, the characters we all know and love (Wolfblood being my favorite) along with some new ones, and a good story for what it is. Definitely worth the watch if you liked the t.v. show.
August 5, 2014
The return of the Stampede! This movie is like the original show; fun, cool, hilarious, chaotic and just...awesome! This is truly like I said...The Return of the Stampede! Vash and friends are back and just as cool. There are also a few new characters who does fill their roles perfectly. This is Trigun!
July 13, 2014
a classic example of if Hollywood would make Westerns like this... everyone would start watching then again. The action steals the show and fans of the series will love the story and characterization but anyone outside not so much. i liked it as it should take diehard fans into a smooth transaction for conclusion.

final grade = B-
May 10, 2014
This movie takes everything I loved about the Trigun television show and puts it into one movie, which for me is honestly easier to come back and re watch than the show it, however I know the movie wouldn't have the same significance to me if I hadn't seen the television show before. The movie is a lot of fun.
½ January 17, 2014
It's like you sit here collecting money without doing anything...

Gasback is one of the most notorious thieves in the entire galaxy. He is a ruthless robber who robs more for the fun of it than the actual money. Vash encountered Gasback during his last mission and almost brought him down. Sometime later Vash and an assassin he's smitten with head to Macca City. Once they arrive, it quickly appears Vash and Gasback are destined to cross paths again.

"Life is a struggle over resources."

Satoshi Nishimura, director of all 26 episodes of the original Trigun series, delivers Trigun: Badlands Rumble. The storyline for this movie is very interesting and has dynamic characters that are fascinating and easy to root for. The animation style is awesome and definitely well done.

"If you pull that trigger you'll be the one to die."

I could never really get into the Trigun series because I always found Vash so irritating. The rest of the characters, the stories, and action are all awesome, so I think watching this as a 90 minute film really worked for me (I may even give the series a shot again). Nevertheless, as a standalone movie, this is definitely an awesome anime picture.

"I just want a replacement donut."

Grade: A-
January 8, 2014
Great villain and setting. "Loud, chaotic, colorful, occasionally amusing."
December 5, 2013
Pretty much like the series.
½ November 28, 2013
You can ignore Roger Moore's opinion on this film, because this is a really good recapping of the original series, which was both heartwrenching and epic for its time, in the form of an original movie with an original story that is also compelling and, in all honesty, a bucket-load of fun.

If I was to have any say in the studio that produced this movie, I would say reboot the Trigun series with the quality of animation and story that was shown in this. The fans would greatly appreciate it, and though Trigun is not in my top ten, I certainly enjoyed it.
November 16, 2013
did wolfood always show so much pecs?
½ November 2, 2013
The show was great back in the day and this was about as good as any episode of that.
September 24, 2013
One of the things I really liked about the original "Trigun" series was the significant change in tone that occurred as the series progressed. What started as wacky and loud cartoon series became increasingly grim as the story progressed. Unfortunately this film, which seems to occur about halfway through the original series, consistently adheres to the early tone of the series. It's loud and confusing. While it's nice to see the characters return, particularly with significantly more attractive animation, it would have been nice to get a better story to put them in.
September 2, 2013
Over a decade after the anime series concluded, a Trigun movie was finally released after seemingly a life-time of cultish devotion towards the franchise, and it's actually a bit better than you thought it would be. It certainly didn't strike while the iron was hot, but this film is a great gift for long-time-devotees of the series and it's a small miracle that after all this time the creators were still able to leave the tone of the original series unaltered. Fast, frenetic, amusing and impressively animated, Trigun: Badlands Rumble should prove entertaining for outsiders to Vash the Stampede, or simply a really refreshing nostalgia trip for those that grew up with the character (i.e. myself).
August 30, 2013
A nice side story to the series.
½ August 3, 2013
Love and peace. Overall a great movie for trigun but what happened to vash and marels relationship knives and I thought wolfwood died.
June 5, 2013
original and classic. The perfect anime.
June 3, 2013
Great story, the Vash from the series is present with his donut and peace loving ways. The visual aspect is incredible. A real treat for someone who loves the series.
½ February 27, 2013
If you liked the show, you'll like the movie. Plain and simple.
January 17, 2013
Trigun: Badlands Rumble is an anime movie tie-in/midquel to the 1998 classic anime series, Trigun. The plot takes place in between the quests of Vash the Stampede, a.k.a. The Humaniod Typhoon and the vagrant preist, Nicolas D. Wolfwood. Based on the manga series by Yashuhiro Nightow (Gungrave) and directed by Satoshi Nishimura (tv series Trigun).

Set on the fictional planet Gunsmoke-the setting of the tv show-a ruthless, sadistic outlaw named Gasback and his gang of outlaws attempt to pull a bank heist. Everything goes successful until Gasback faces betrayal by his own comrades and becomes hindered from dying by Vash's typically bumbling antics concerning donuts and pascifism. Twenty years later, Gasback recruits a new team with Nicolas D. Wolfwood as his temporary bodyguard and decides to storm Macca City to get revenge on the mayor and his accomplices-the original team that betrayed him. He then faces opposition from Vash, the agents of the Bernardelli Insurance Society: Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson, and a vengeful bounty hunter named Amelia.

Being a side story to the show, it does manage to please fans, such as myself, and does a nice job at maintaining the essence and spirit of the show. The characters are still very loveable, occassionally hilarious, and are in no way deprived of any of the human drama that they are known for. Unlike the show, the animation is of higher quality and has more liberal use of CG rendered objects and backgrounds, whereas, the show had no use of CG. The CG is pretty good for anime standards. Although, it's not as liberal with its use as the classic Blue Submarine No. 6.

The dubbing and voice acting was handled by Funimation Productions. Voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch (Wolf's Rain, Code Geass, Akira, Heat Guy J, and Adam Park in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) reprises his role as Vash the Stampede. Nicolas D. Wolfwood is voiced by Brad Hawkins. Luci Christian and Trina Nishimura voice Meryl and Milly. Gasback and Amelia are voiced by John Swasey and Colleen Clinkenbeard. The English dubbing to this movie is very solid. Although, for some reason the original voice actors for Nicolas, Meryl, and Milly didn't return for their roles. But like the show, the dubbing is still very well done.

If there are any problems that I have with Trigun: Badlands Rumble, it would be that most of the music is dull and forgetable. Being a tie-in to the show, I do wish that the story displayed more significance. While it's not bad and I'm admittedly proud to see the franchise continue I still felt that there was little accomplished. It didn't leave as heavy of an impact on me as Cowboy Bebop's movie tie-in did. Which affects the rewatch value for me in a way.

In conclusion, Trigun: Badlands Rumble is a very solid movie tie-in to an excellent show that's sure to please any fan wanting more of Vash's tragi-comic heroism and furious, anime-style, gun-toting action. I personally have mixed feelings about the ending of the show and it's nice to see the Trigun franchise make its comeback to its loyal fans. We may hopefully see some more tie-ins, or sequels to the show. But until that possibility, any anime fan will have other future anime classics to come and the new Berserk movie suquel to look forward to.
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