Trog Reviews

July 3, 2018
The worst horror movies are those that don't understand their own absurdity. Trog!, on the other hand, understands it all too well.
June 18, 2015
The tiresome film, resorting to campy dramatics, should have been left in hibernation.
November 17, 2011
I admit it: I have a soft spot in my heart (and my head) for the stupefying, inexplicable 'Trog.'
June 30, 2007
While not a classic by any stretch of the imagination, Trog is still a damned fine little monster movie and stands proudly as one of the best bad flicks you will ever see!
August 27, 2005
July 2, 2004
February 7, 2003
Not one of Crawford's finer roles.
July 26, 2002