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March 10, 2017
Jennifer love Hewitt played a good role in the movie I think. The first time I saw the movie I knew from the gecko the second girlfriend was the right one Jennifer love Hewitt. I gave this movie 5 stars for a reason because there was some some parts that made me laugh. To be honest I think it will be good for the whole family in my opinion.
July 9, 2016
Trojan War is a really good film that few people saw back in the late 1990's. The film played almost no where & essentially became a direct to video movie with almost no marketing whatsoever. It also became 1 of my favorite films. The film is really about what true love actually is & if people who start out as friends can actually progress into a romantic relationship.
Brad(played by Freidle) is in love with a very shallow airhead (played by Shelton). But he can't see love right in front of his face with his best friend (played by J. Love Hewitt). The film analyzes very well the games people go thru trying to find the one or true love in their late teens or even early 20's. Brad is basically in love with a "human Barbie doll". You have to be at least about 30 to truly understand what the film is getting at. There is a deeper implied meaning to the plot amongst funny "teen speak & chaos". The film is directly comparable to the movie "Secret Admirer" (1985) from the 80's.
The premise of the movie is that "real mature" love is about compatibility, moral values, & respect not just sex & physical attraction although those attributes are still important. With strong performances from Hewitt, Freidle, & Shelton & nice cameos from Hall, Lee Majors, & Griffin; it's a comedy you won't want to miss. 1 of the best teen comedies of the 1990's with a good soundtrack.
July 10, 2014
BO and Critic disaster. Even so, I guess they never expected that after almost 20 years, someone would still stumble upon this film, got instantly interested, and starts watching.
½ January 26, 2014
Jenn Hewitt.. definitely my high school love girl.. funny to watch...
½ January 22, 2014
post License to Drive pre Take me home Tonight, but with JLH looking dreamy
December 3, 2013
..I forgot how good this movie was.
½ October 27, 2013
Hewitt's boobs are phenominal. So are Friedle's.
September 27, 2013
thought this was a great teen movie. it reminded me of what I went through for myfirst time. everything that could go wrong did. I just didn't have Jennifer love Hewitt with me. :+(
September 5, 2013
The same premises as many teen movies: guy wants one girl, has another girls help that's just a friend, one girl is not all she cracked up to be, goes to other girl, ending movie kiss. Rinse, recycle, repeat. It's bland and not worth the price of admission.
½ April 30, 2013
Apparently this was made on a 15 million dollar budget and made only $309 total. That would mean that in the year 1997, only 51 people went to see this movie across the country before it was pulled from theaters. That's astonishing. It wasn't all that awful, but still not good.
October 31, 2012
As a fan of the TV series Boy Meets World it is always fun to see the actors in other roles. Will Friedle and Jennifer Love Hewitt are great in this movie that also has a good message in the end. Harmless fun but nothing of great importance.
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October 24, 2011
Could've been a good movie but some parts were beyond corny
½ October 13, 2011
Friday with white teenagers.
September 2, 2011
Marley Shelton was very promising when this film came out but I still still never understand how Jennifer Love Hewitt continues to get work. Maybe because she plays the same person over & over again?
August 23, 2011
Middling teen comedy in the vein of "After Hours" where we follow one man on a night where seemingly everything goes wrong. I like Will Friedle, but even for one of his movies this wasn't much. Very campy.
June 20, 2011
Haha I love this movie. Idk why ..Hmmmmm possibly because of Jennifer Love Hewitt .... Yupp that's the reason!!!
April 27, 2011
yar the film very much the name (well i am shore that you can work it out)
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April 23, 2011
"Trojan War" is a teen movie from the '90s about a high school senior's chance with the most sought after girl in class which turns into a crazy all out search for a condom (yes, that's what "Trojan" in the title refers) to have sex with the girl of his dreams. Meanwhile his best friend is in love with him but it takes him the whole movie to realize that his gal pal is the better choice.

Along the way he has misadventures with the cops led by Lee Majors after his parent's car is stolen, and Anthony Michael Hall as a psychotic bus driver who really hates passengers that board his bus without exact change.
½ January 30, 2011
Ha ha Love it. Jenifer Love hewitt looks so dorky
January 17, 2011
Funny (though pretty cheesy) 90's comedy.
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