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Trollhunter Quotes

  • Hans: Anyone need some gravel?

  • Thomas: Now we know that Trolls also explode.

  • Hans: No one here believes in God or Jesus?
    Thomas: Nope. None of us.
    Kalle: Don't look at me. Serious? Because they can smell the blood of a Christian man?

  • Thomas: In a sense, you're a true Norwegian hero.
    Hans: No, you're wrong about that. There's nothing heroic about what I do. It's dirty work.

  • Kalle: Do u have any more troll stench?

  • Finn Haugen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thomas: Do you think Michael Moore gave up after the first try?

  • Thomas: Everyone SMART Believes in God and Jesus and those that don't are unwise because they shall spend an eternity in HELL

  • Trolljegeren: No one here believes in God or Jesus.

  • Trolljegeren: Troll!

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