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After their plane crashes on a tropical island, survivors discover and fight neighboring terrorists who plan on gaining control of the States by infecting multitudes of people with the AIDS virus.

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Sean Bowen
as Taylor
Burt Wright
as Siamese Twin
Michael Locascio
as Siamese Twin
Lisa Patruno
as Jennifer
Dan Snow
as Reverend Brown
Rick Collins (II)
as Colonel Jennings
Alex Grey
as Major Ramirez
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Starts off cleverly enough, then proceeds to badly staged low-budget war scene after badly staged low-budget war scene.

February 26, 2003

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Oh and the brightest moment comes when one of the characters yells hysterically "I have AIDS! I have AIDS!" Yet, Troma's War is one of the more impressive films from the company's catalog with a clever plot and comment to foreign policy under the Reagan Administration. After a plane crash, survivors rally up to survive in an island inhabited by unfriendly terrorist and communist with a sinister plot to take down the US. They are terrorist since they are dress for it thanks to the pathos of Hollywood and world events of the 80's. They are unfriendly because the gun down one screaming woman while taking a handful of passengers prisoners. The groups leader accuse the survivors of being commandos, now that certainly is preposterous. Just ask the guy who happens to carry a blow dart with deadly venom and used care salesman who was in airborne and screams airborne every chance he gets. Director Samuel Weil and Michael Herz have really outdone themselves with this clever film and satire, but don't worry there is plenty of low brow humor to go around. "I have AIDS! I have AIDS!"

Jose Montoya
Jose Montoya

this is some ridiculous shit. but for the first two thirds Kaufman and Herz and co manage to find a balance between the one liners and gags, and the more serious elements (or at least as serious as a goofy cartoon like Troma can get) such as the commandos on the island who are, behind the jokey Schwarzenegger captain who is funny every time he speaks and the (Jesus christ) AIDS guy who is out to rape women so they get it, its a war movie that is intentionally BIG and MANIC and just nuts, but with a purpose. when Tromas War is at its most impressive and eye catching when Kaufman skewers 80s action movies and Regan era militarism. As an ex hippie it's clear he didn't like what he was seeing, in bloated B movies and over the top spectacles, so... why not make his own, the troma way? where it lost me a bit was in the last third. there is What feels like a natural climax like two thirds into the movie, where some of the heroes (like Lost they're not all likable but their bond is a plane crash) save the others from being killed and raped and maimed by the commandos. and then it just keeps going. and the acting doesn't get better. and not that one should be looking for a totally consistent tone in this junk food, but there was a better grasp of what the film was and trying to do for a while. by the time it nears its real climax, there's still some more mayhem, relentless violence, all shot and edited with flair even as its with liytle to no budget (outside of the special effects - the highlight for me is a montage of soldiers in trees who all get shot down and fall off the same way, tree after tree). But it kind of devolves into dumb (and I mean DUMB for a movie by these fuckers) antics and one liners, though it's almost saved by a side characters stunt from a trunk onto a boat. I want to like it more - it's shot with more competency than other troma movies and up to a point has some really good music (up to a point as in not too much but still there crappy 80s songs put over scenes unnecessarily) and though some of the acting is cheesy and over the top, some of it really works for it being a ludicrous mockery. And yet there is a line that, sometimes, Kaufman and Herz have to not cross but do a lot of the time which is the film being the same carnage extravaganza with bullets flying and guts spilling and squibs popping like there's no tomorrow and became something like Commando. but... if you wanna get some buddies together, and are in the mood for some comic book characters and set ups and pay offs (including a British dude who talks like Peter O'Toole and has a shtick with poison darts), this ain't bad. it's just not AS memorable as toxic avenger and nuke em high.

Jack Gattanella
Jack Gattanella

A group of plane crash survivors find themselves on an island inhabited by camouflage clad commandos. A talentless cast, excessive gore, incredibly stupid dialog, and topless women. In other words, vintage Troma.

Randy Tippy
Randy Tippy

Super Reviewer

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