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March 8, 2017
"Mr T" (no relation) is a successful friend of the ghetto community and runs things around the neighborhood. Apparently he's a detective but it never shows him doing that for a living. Mainly he is a badass that walks around drinking coke and winning at pool.
There are some various gangs and double crossing that end up getting him in the mix, until it's time for Mr T to handle his business.
A very fun movie.
October 22, 2016
A pretty fun movie from the heyday of Blacksplotation cinema. Robert Hooks plays Mr. T or just plain T (this was long before Lawrence Turcaud had become Mr. T and played 'Clubber Lang' in Rocky III). T is a pretty impressive cat who wears expensive clothes, drives a cool white Cadillac convertible, lives in an expensive apartment and has no real means of support. He hangs out a pool hall in downtown Los Angeles and when he isn't winning pool games he acts as a kind of "fixer" and has a valid private investigator's license. Well T is approached by Chalky (Paul Winfield ) and his partner Pete (Ralph Waite) who run floating crap games that are being ripped off. T is hired to figure who is ripping off the partners but Chalky and Pete are planning to muscle i on a rival crime-lord Mr. Big (Julius Harris) and pin the murder of one of Big's crew on T. Big wants to waste T and LAPD Captain Joe Marx (Bill Smithers) wants to bust him. Much violence ensues along with all the double and triple crosses and T has to keep one step ahead of the police, clear his name, and pick up a sexy policewoman (Tracy Reed). T is ice cool throughout the whole affair. Hooks, a decent actor who often played the heavy in 1970s cop shows is very entertaining in the role of T. Look for Gala Kelly as T's love interest and Felton Perry and Gordon Jump in minor roles. The soundtrack is by Marvin Gaye. Nothing great but if you like the genre, its pretty entertaining.
½ September 7, 2014
"Trouble Man" Ú demasiado clean para ser o tÝpico filme de blaxploitation, embora todos os clichÚs do gÚnero estejam Ó vista. AlÚm disso a trama que o faz progredir nunca obtÚm a consistŕncia necessßria para que "Trouble Man" seja mais que um sÚrie-B , embora com uma excelente banda-sonora de Marvin Gaye e algumas frases totalmente "bad ass" do protagonista Mr. T (um Robert Hooks que nunca estß para brincadeiras). Hß tambÚm um interessante e bem cadenciado roteiro de alguns lugares gangsta cool de Los Angeles, que aqui tem tudo a ver com o universo do GTA.
½ May 1, 2014
Directed by Ivan Dixon (The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973)), and written by John D.F. Black (Shaft (1971) and The Carey Treatment (1972)), this blaxploitation action film was as one of the more popular ones to come out of Hollywood at the time, and it benefited from having Marvin Gaye do a cool, funky soundtrack as well. It's also quite bloodily violent and a lot of strong language for it's day. Mr. T (Robert Hooks) is a private detective and pool shark who works in the underbelly of Los Angeles, and he's able to survive by dealing with both sides of the law, quite dangerously too. But, when he's approached by Chalky (Paul Winfield) and his partner, Pete (Ralph Waite), to look for men holding up and robbing illegal gambling operations in the city. Mr. T takes the case, but Chalky double-crosses Mr. T, framing him for the murder of the henchmen of underworld boss Big (Julius Harris). Now with the police and the underworld after Mr. T, he has to get even with Chalky and Peter to clear his name, and that means getting tough, and taking on the underworld. It's a very down and gritty film, but it has a good plot with some good action pieces throughout, it's definitely a product of it's time, but it doesn't add anything new to the blaxploitatation genre, which was well into the swing of things when this came out. Plus, this was edited by Spielberg's longtime editor, Michael Kahn.
April 13, 2014
Notable mainly for Marvin Gaye's wonderful music.
August 13, 2013
Classic blaxploitation starring Robert Hooks and a funky score by Marvin Gaye, allong with memorable quotes and the coolest use of product placement by Coca Cola.
December 7, 2012
Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!
½ July 13, 2011
I was expecting something altogether different from Trouble Man. Having served a tour of duty through the more iconic Blaxploitation fims, I was expecting revenge, poor quality filming, kick ass soundtrack and plenty of boobs. This really only had the trademark kick ass soundtrack...otherwise it was devoid of the trademarks...which was actually refreshing. It still had the male-centric, gangster vs everyone else storyline...but instead the central character was the hunted from the start. Robert Hooks was great in a rare treat, a Blaxploitation film that actually has a quality plot line that isn't one dimensional.
May 14, 2011
Over the top blaxploitation flick. Don't jive Trouble Man, or he will
wash you away!
½ January 19, 2011
T is slick and ultra cool badass. He's got one edge and that's his cool and that's enough because he's thinking all time, and if he want your ass, he gets it!
January 16, 2011
Mr T is a fly lookin cool private dick who doesn't take the lip & will tell ya to got fuck yo mama. Although not up to the standards of Shaft or Superfly Trouble Man is bad ass & greatly befits from having Marvin Gaye do the score. Actually the soundtrax is sometimes the best thing which would explain way the movie was a bomb & the music a hit. Sometimes just more window dressing then substance it still is a hell of a lot better then 70% of the blaxploitation films out there & fans of the genre are sure to enjoy. I wish I could afford $600 suits & look so dope
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½ December 30, 2010
Now this is a badass film!

The story ain't the most original, but then again, very few films really are all that original. This is a fun and groovy story about a cxool dude known only as Mr. T who is a detective who can kick ass, get shit done, and still have time to please the ladies. This is a high class blaxploitation film that deserves a lot more attention and recognition. It is, like the best of them, a film that really works as a regular movie and not just a genre picture. It saddens me that more films couldn't have aspired to the level of greatness achieved here.

Robert Hooks is awesome as T. The rest of the cast is also good. There's some great lines, good thrilling action, a tight story and script, a bit of substance, and, probably best of all, an awesome soundtrack by Marvin Gaye. This is a great looking film that is really entertaining, a lot of fun, and one that is definitely worth looking up.
June 14, 2010
Having finally seen this film decades after only hearing Marvin Gaye's wonderful soundtrack, I was disappointed that it turned out to be as stylistically dull as a typical 1970s crime drama TV show. Essentially, the film tells a generic story without very much artistic license on the part of the director. If I'm going to sit through a predictable plot, at least give me eye candy to watch while I'm listening to great music. If this is ever re-made, I hope Marvin Gaye's soundtrack will be used again to create a moody 1970s "film noir" truly deserving of the music. Apart from that, I thought Robert Hooks was great in the leading role.
February 15, 2010
Without doubt, Robert HooksÔ?? Mr. T is the coolest, most badassly calm Blaxploitation Hero; wearing $500 suits and driving a supped up Lincoln Mark IV. The film plays like a Richard Stark Parker novel, T is all confidence and you never have a doubt that he is going to get his man (and probably destroy his ass). Lots of great tiny performances from Paul Winfield, Bill Henderson, and Julius Harris. Plus, a fantastic Marvin Gaye score. VF.
February 11, 2010
Tu es PetrusÔ?Ž Trouble Man jest jak 20 spalonych pierog├│w z mi─?sem Ô?? solidny dobry obiad. Akcja toczy si─? w latach 70-tych, kiedy to protagonista Mr T, osiedlowy cz┼?owiek od rozwi─?zywania problem├│w, zostaje wpl─?tany w intryg─?, kt├│rej t┼?em s─? porachunki gangsterskie. Trudno┼?─? w jednoznacznej ocenie tego filmu sprawia fakt, ┼╝e jego najs┼?absza strona jest zarazem jego atutem Ô?? mianowicie g┼?├│wny bohater. Mr T jest twardy jak adamantium, bystry, jak MacGuyver i czarny. Ewidentnie g├│ruje nad wszystkimi innymi postaciami czy to policjantami czy gangsterami, czy bia┼?ymi czy czarnymi czy kotami czy rybamiÔ?Ž Problem w tym, ┼╝e przez to ma si─? wra┼╝enie, ┼╝e jest nietykalny i niezniszczalny, co powoduj─?, ┼╝e film si─? d┼?u┼╝y troch─? i przynudzaÔ?Ž widzowie wiedz─?, ┼╝e nawet, gdy przegrywa i to i tak wygrywa (np. w bilard). Podsumowuj─?c warto jest ten film zobaczy─?, bo przy Mr T Rambo i Brudny Harry zapewne uczyli si─? za┼?atwia─? do nocnikaÔ?Ž
½ January 31, 2010
As soon as I heard the title track on the radio I knew I had to see it. The film was actually pretty good. Has a bit of a low budget feel but the acting is really good. Some of what Mr. T does is very smar and before all the CSI type show crap. I know i shouldn't compare but I like this film better than "Superfly". The ending is kinda funny though. Story is not amazing but not horrible either. Just buy it, only cost me 9 bucks.
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½ October 16, 2009
Robert Hooks stars as one sharp dressing, pool hustling, coke drinking, lady pleasing, bad-ass private eye in this cool and groovy seventies blaxploitation classic.

As the film title suggests, trouble is very much afoot here after our man becomes embroiled in a potential gang war between rival factions, after one side hires him to find out who has been ripping off their low rent gambling dens. Matters become even more complex when our hero subsequently ends up being framed for a murder. None too pleased with being made the scapegoat however, our man subsequently sets out to get revenge which he violent style!

Chock full of snazzy dialogue, cool music, and some fine action sequences, this is great stuff from beginning to blood soaked end. Hooks is especially cool in his role which makes it somewhat of a shame that there were never any sequels produced as for instance other similarly strong black protagonists of the time such as Shaft and Slaughter enjoyed. Oh well, as it stands, our hero in this is equally as memorable. Be sure to check this out.
October 9, 2009
I'll sum this up with two simple words: "Ya Digg".
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