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½ February 4, 2018
A good ol' fashioned Western from the Coen brothers. The plot isn't unique... it's a tale of retribution and revenge. But the star power packs a punch and carries the film. The setting feels very much like an old Western.
January 31, 2018
Puntaje Original: 6.0

Otro trabajo impecable tťcnicamente de los hermanos Coen, pero como siempre sin esencia.
½ January 30, 2018
With solid performances and good cinematography, this is an enjoyable yet not so violent western. Perhaps it dragged a little towards the end and few scenes seemed too staged. AAN AFI 1001
½ December 31, 2017
A waste of money. How can you remake a true classic? An Oscar winning performance by the Duke can not be remade. This remake is why you don't do remakes of classic movies. Bridges is an awful actor in this movie. He try's to get his voice as close to Wayne's as he can & you can't understand some of what he says. The girl playing Miss Ross is dull and boring. She doesn't give the same performance as Kim did in the original where you wanted to wear her butt out with a belt. This remake is almightys a carbon copy of the original. Where people on here & on IMDb like Robert W get this is a top rate movie, is being paid by the directors & studio. If you haven't seen either of the true grit movies & you would like to, please see the Oscar winning performance of John Wayne's True Grit.
December 26, 2017


[Joel & Ethan Coen]
December 21, 2017
Loyal to the book with great acting and a compelling screenplay, the most recent True Grit is a far cry from the John Wayne version. Grayer, grittier, and laced with dark humor. The brothers Coen achieve mightily.
½ November 24, 2017
Brilliantly made film. Out does the original. See it!
November 3, 2017
Arguably the best Western film of the 21st century, True Grit truly is a masterpiece. Hailee Steinfeld is genuinely great, somehow managing to keep up with acting heavyweights like Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin, all of whom also deliver fantastic performances. The Coen Brothers prove how great they are as directors, and the script is expertly written. The story has plenty of slow moments in between top-notch action scenes, yet it never gets boring. I haven't seen the original film or read the book, but True Grit stands on its own with ease.
September 24, 2017
Very well made movie, but the story was just way too much talking... barely any action. Didn't watch a Western for talk talk talk.
September 17, 2017
i loved this remake starring his Dudeness
September 15, 2017
Beautiful story. One of the best movies I've ever wached.
September 14, 2017
A good reboot of the 1969 True Grit, the Coen brothers always know what to do with a good story. One critique I have is there weird cuts sprinkled around, but it does not majorly affect viewing experience.
½ September 13, 2017
While watching this film I kept waiting for the moment when it would really kick in and wow me. However, that moment never came. Don't get me wrong, the movie was pretty good, I just feel like it was missing something that would truly make it an all-time great. Hell of a performance from Steinfeld.
½ August 27, 2017
Not too bad as film but not too likely to be true either. It however has many qualities. The psychopaths seems less dangerous at first. Not full of anger, only coldly calculating. Seems like the frenchie and the indians are treated as out of character, not surprising in an english film. The film is still about a chase of bad guys by good guys. Nothing about indians in the indian territory, which seems excessively unlikely. Although, since it was in the 1870, it's possible the indians were all decimated already.
June 14, 2017
A wonderfully-acted, wild-west adventure film that hits all the right notes and entertains consistently throughout.
May 30, 2017
Not bad. Good performances, particularly from Bridges and Steinfeld. But it felt unnecessary.
May 21, 2017
An excellent remake of the classic John Wayne movie of the same name with Jeff Bridges in the John Wayne role, Matt Damon in the Glenn Campbell role and Hailee Steinfeld in the Kim Darby role. The movie follows the original story very closely with the exception of the beginning and the end. A young girl recruits an aging federal marshall to capture the killer of her father. Also the soundtrack is very different in that it uses traditional church hymns and not the Glenn Campbell song.
Super Reviewer
May 17, 2017
17/5/2017 - The perfect remake, I have to say even better than the 1969 original. Excellent acting by all, some funny moments and at under 2 hours long, doesn't overstay its welcome. True Grit is a pleasant surprise and i simply cannot fault it.
½ May 8, 2017
Even amongst very strong performances by Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld's performance absolutely stood out as amazing. This was a great movie about a girl trying to find justice for the death of her father.
½ April 12, 2017
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