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½ February 6, 2012
Monday, February 6, 2012

(2001) True Blue

Blue collar detective (Tom Berenger)assigned to an unusual murder case of a chopped hand belonging to a young female whose part of an escort service. Another traditional straight to rental murder thriller with twists viewers wouldn't necessarily care about making the overall experience to be quite forgettable.

1 star out of 4
April 6, 2011
I've seen this plot a dozen times before.
Super Reviewer
June 19, 2010
fairly decent cop movie with a confused ending & a fine performance from lori heuring. an actress to look out for!
May 14, 2009
Average direct-to-video noir about a maverick cop investagating a murder that leads to the Triads, City Hall, Kinky sex clubs and the NYPD, as he falls for the victims roomate, a blonde with a mysterious past.

Nothing new here, though Lori Heuring (the blonde) is easy on the eyes, and Tom Berenger is good (he should be he's been playing this role for about 10 years at the very least). Looks deceint, though there's a destinct lack of inspiration (the biggest standout in the movie is Berengers line "I'm getting fucked, and I'm not enjoying it like I should"). Catch it if its on tv and there's nothing else to watch, but you wouldn't be missing anything if you gave this a miss.
½ August 13, 2006
Bland and ordinary crime thriller. Not very fast moving, it most definitely has it's slow stretches. Nothing special.
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