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September 3, 2010
While the generic plot doesn't bear close examination and the dialogue is not always Pulitzer material, writer-director Glenn Standring conjures a creepy, brooding atmosphere.
December 30, 2004
I couldn't wait. I read the "30 Porn Star Portraits" this morning. People that have done books like this in the past usually have had some agenda rising out of their own sexual hangups and haven't gone any farther than presenting the stereotypical impressions of porn, photographing a bunch of sad-faced blondes with big boobs and Ron Jeremy. This book was way different. It presented portraits of a group of confident, clear-eyed people who looked at peace with what they do, even when photographed naked. The pictures covered an entire gamut of faces, blacks, whites, Asians, girls just starting in the business, retired legends, men who do gay porn, women with big breasts, women with tiny breasts...and Ron Jeremy. (I guess they just couldn't do without him.)

In essays by promiment figures and short bios written by the performers themselves, a lot of different reactions to porn are presented. That led me to thinking about my own reaction. which besides the expected arousal, is actually admiration. I could care less what others think. I admire the hell out of women like Janine, Ginger Lynn and Nina Hartley for being able to get in front of a camera and do what they do. It's a kind of courage and self-awareness I wish I had. That goes for any sex worker, including strippers and escorts. Yes there are a lot of horror stories behind many of those folks but in those I've encountered I've also seen a comfort level with their being that the so-called "normal" people who denounce them only wish they had.

I'm still coming to grips exactly with what triggers my respect. Is it the freedom to go around naked? Whatever it is they are in a place I wish I was. Approaching the age of 50, I have to admit I've never really figured out what I want to do with my life. I have talents like writing and being able to analyze things, but I've never had any clear plans or goals. Everywhere I go in this world I feel like I don't really belong there. I don't talk to people, not because I'm shy, but becuase I feel like nobody would underestand me. I'm scared to confront a lot of my feelings myself. I do know I terribly miss the intimacy and joy of loving and being loved. I long for the simple touch of another person and I worry myself into a deep depression because I have little prospect of ever having that. Sometimes when I watch porn I feel like that's my one connection to the world. After all, a lot of the things we worry about and talk about everyday just boil down to bullshit in the long run. At the core there is that longing to connect with another person both physically and emotionally. The ladies who put that example out there for us, instead of the more accepted parts of our culture which are all about killing, revenge and hate, are shining stars to me. If Nina Hartley were the head of NOW or had some influence in Washington, this would be an infinitely better world.
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