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Dünyayi kurtaran adam (The Man Who Saves the World) (Turkish Star Wars) Reviews

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August 26, 2016
The world is a greater place because of Turkish Star Wars. The blatant plagiarism of not only the first Star Wars film, but also of John Williams's Raiders of the Lost Ark score (not just once, but over and over and over) keeps this bizarre film from being a chore to watch; still, I recommend to watch it first without subtitles and try and guess what's happening with a group of friends.
½ April 11, 2016
Well, it's still better than the Ice Age sequels, you get to see clips from Star Wars and hear music from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Battlestar Galactica, and many other films and tv shows that was popular in 1982.
The actual filmed footage however was just insulting to the eyes.
Although, I do like the title credits music, it's so glorious, I want it as my ringtone.
½ March 18, 2016
Just when you thought you've seen the worst films ever made something like Dünyay? Kurtaran Adam (Turkish Star Wars) comes along. Backstory: In 1982 a group of filmmakers illegally took footage from Star Wars, the music from Indiana Jones & cobbled together an awesomely bad piece of cinematic sh*t. If you're a connoisseur of movie cheese this is the film for you.
March 4, 2016
Funny sounds, bad editing and very cool music. Everything you want from a good bad-film. Very funny stuff indeed.

All right story - stupid and fitting as it blends the weird with the known story of "Star Trek". It's a cool character that "Turist" guy. I dug him. The shapeshift thing is also a treat. "Italian Spiderman" comes to mind here - production-wise, but I liked that one a whole lot better. I believe I lost out of much fun caused by translation issues here.

A foreign cult classic that's just simple fun, but I was hoping for more.

4.5 out of 10 salt grains
½ December 22, 2015
Truly one of the most unique attempts at making a movie in the history of cinema. Filled with rock punching, explosions, and trampolines, this Turkish
"interpretation" of Star Wars is possibly one of the "best" bad movies ever made.
December 25, 2014
My favorite movie ever.
½ February 8, 2014
Unbelievably bad ripoff of "Star Wars" uses actual footage and music stolen from the original film!
½ November 26, 2013
better known as turkish star wars. how the hell did i watch this before the actual star wars? turkey being primarily known in the film world for appropriating american films is actually unfortunate and kind of fucked up but these movies are definitely crazy and pretty interesting. a uniquely bad and miserable experience. watch it on youtube if you laughed out loud at these screenshots
August 4, 2013
With all the scenes ripped straight out of Star Wars you begin to wish you were actually watching Star Wars.
June 14, 2013
It was awful stealing clips directly from Star Wars and music as well but it was so hilariously bad that you HAVE to watch to believe
½ May 20, 2013
While it may be one of the worst films, or maybe the worst film ever made, it is hilarious in every aspect of how horrible it is. I will never hear the Indiana Jones theme the same way ever again. Still, things were always happening and there is never a boring moment. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves shitty trash cinema.
½ August 15, 2012
Is this what it's like to die?
August 3, 2012
Commonly known as Turkish Star Wars, it also features the music from Indiana Jones and Flash Gordon. The whole film is like a JRPG, complete with pro Islam themes and craptastic action. As far as bad movies go, this one is a keeper.
½ August 2, 2012
With a storyline idiotic enough to give Plan 9 From Outer Space a run for its money, and a suave dickhead of a hero possessing so much latent homosexuality that he constantly flirts with his sidekick, not to mention the most wonderful training montage ever (it involves rocks!!), this is brain-tinglingly witless fun. One of the more entertaining b-movies out there.
February 10, 2012
Still cannot believe this garbage even EXISTS!
January 26, 2012
Every saga has a baklava. Two space jockeys from Earth are captured by an immortal wizard who wants greater powers by enslaving humans and taking their "brain power" for his own as part of his plan on conquering space. They escape and find themselves joining a group of freedom fighters led by an old man and a pretty blonde woman. Directed by Cetin Inanc and starring the great performances of Cuneyt Arkin, Aytekin Akkaya, and Fusun Ucar.

It may be corny due to weird costumes, silly acting, and poor picture quality, but I like it: I find 'Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam' ('The Man Who Saves The World') as a fun example of Turkish science fiction and film plagiarism. Why? There are clips of 'Star Wars' bootlegged into the filming sequences, thus earning the film its popularly known name, 'Turkish Star Wars'; not to mention it borrows soundtracks from films like 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' and 'Flash Gordon'. Oddly enough, the desert planet that the heroes landed on reminds me a lot of Tatooine. When 'TSW' was released in 1982, Turkey was in political turmoil and foreign films were not easily acquired and were often remade with a Turkish setting and cast. I know there are plenty of more Turkish versions of American films but this 'Star Wars'-based film is so memorable that I would like to see it again.
December 26, 2011
Not only are there star wars clips on the film but they dont make sense and terrible making this a film you should watch with your friends
Super Reviewer
½ December 6, 2011
Really? Stealing not only direct clips from Star Wars, but audio from famous films like Indiana Jones. Worst movie ever made.
September 24, 2011
It's cheesy, it's weird, it's bad, but I liked it.
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