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August 6, 2019
A warm, witty, and hilarious celebration of healthy sexual desire in all its forms.
August 30, 2018
Relies on a simple observation of teen sexuality, frank without exploiting its young charges.
May 3, 2015
With uncommon sensitivity, Jacobsen digs into that heady, woozy mix of angst and ardor that characterizes puberty.
April 3, 2013
Still, Jacobsen has created a lightly enjoyable quirky, witty comedy which isn't equivocal. It breezes by because of its charming affable script.
October 22, 2012
Director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen competently captures the awkwardness we all felt as teens and it's made that much more impressive considering the majority of her cast had never set foot in front of a camera before.
July 16, 2012
With a cast mainly of first-time movie actors, led by the endearing gamine Bergsholm, Jacobsen covers the familiar coming-of-age material from a fresh, engaging perspective.
July 6, 2012
True, the film deals with sex. But at heart, it's really about romance.
July 6, 2012
... a sweet, low-key film that observes the turmoil of adolescence from the knowing eye of adulthood...
June 29, 2012
The movie treats a girl's burgeoning sexuality as neither epic nor problematic, or mutually exclusive of feelings of love, but rather simply, refreshingly, as one part of maturing.
June 27, 2012
[A]lmost shocking in how it depicts 15-year-old Alma's all-consuming confusion, anxiety, and sexual desperation: with a candid carnality the likes of which is de rigueur for the horny-boy subgenre...
June 14, 2012
Teenage boys aren't alone in exploring their confused and unruly libidos. Girls go there, too. And when they do, it's no small thing.
June 14, 2012
"Turn Me On, Dammit!" is a rarity: a comedy about a teenage girl's budding sexuality, treated with wit and kindness.
June 1, 2012
There isn't much to [Alma's] story, but at 76 minutes, it breezes by as quickly as the changing of a teenager's moods.
June 1, 2012
A wry if saucily subversive charmer, based on a novel by Olaug Nilssen.
May 24, 2012
For a genre dominated by American movies in which girls are usually prizes or objects of lust, Turn Me On, Dammit! practically feels revolutionary.
May 18, 2012
Turn Me On, Dammit! is that rare thing: an honest coming-of-age story from the female perspective.
May 17, 2012
If you're up for its frankness, it's a funny and tender coming-of-age tale.
May 17, 2012
[It] never lags, from the first shocking scene to a sweetly amusing John Hughes-inspired finale.
May 10, 2012
"Turn Me On, Dammit!" is a movie as odd as its title, just as straightforward and considerably more endearing.
May 10, 2012
Teenage Alma takes on all of the taboos of Western sexuality in this delightful coming-of-age fairytale.
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