Turn Me On, Dammit! Reviews

July 6, 2012
True, the film deals with sex. But at heart, it's really about romance.
June 29, 2012
The movie treats a girl's burgeoning sexuality as neither epic nor problematic, or mutually exclusive of feelings of love, but rather simply, refreshingly, as one part of maturing.
June 14, 2012
Teenage boys aren't alone in exploring their confused and unruly libidos. Girls go there, too. And when they do, it's no small thing.
June 14, 2012
"Turn Me On, Dammit!" is a rarity: a comedy about a teenage girl's budding sexuality, treated with wit and kindness.
June 1, 2012
A wry if saucily subversive charmer, based on a novel by Olaug Nilssen.
May 24, 2012
For a genre dominated by American movies in which girls are usually prizes or objects of lust, Turn Me On, Dammit! practically feels revolutionary.
May 18, 2012
Turn Me On, Dammit! is that rare thing: an honest coming-of-age story from the female perspective.
May 17, 2012
[It] never lags, from the first shocking scene to a sweetly amusing John Hughes-inspired finale.
May 10, 2012
"Turn Me On, Dammit!" is a movie as odd as its title, just as straightforward and considerably more endearing.
April 26, 2012
It may be a slight comedy but Turn Me On, Dammit! is enormously entertaining.
April 26, 2012
I can't think of another movie whose finale uses a reference to genitalia to warm your heart.
April 12, 2012
You'll be gladder to have seen this beguiling little film if you can find it.
March 30, 2012
Jacobsen's clever, compassionate treatment of Alma's romantic predicament involving Artur, her exhibitionist crush, comes from a perspective you virtually never see in American films.
March 30, 2012
[It] has a gentle oddness as unforced as its performances and as inoffensive as its dialogue.
March 29, 2012
Jacobsen's frank, funny but nonexploitative approach to teen libido has the feel of honest memoir, a look back at those years that recognizes,with the benefit of distance, that there's plenty of humor to be found in even the most arduous of growing pains.
March 27, 2012
The ladies deserve equal time, and they finally get some [Ahem] in this charmingly blunt Norwegian teen sex comedy.
March 27, 2012
Like its title, Turn Me On, Dammit! is a jokey pseudo-provocation.
March 7, 2012
A minor, feather-light film, but a vivid and often funny one.
April 28, 2011
Despite the movie's subject, the director, Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, avoids exploitation. She uses sweet, deadpan humor to take the sting out of the sexual frankness.
April 28, 2011
This yarn about an innocent-looking but desperately horny teenage girl might not have that much commercial upside, but its bittersweet, faintly depressed brand of Nordic humor is definitely enjoyable.