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½ October 4, 2010
A must-see for anyone working in film or television. Mike (played by David Duchovny) is a writer trying to get his first pilot made and picked up by the network. Unfortunately, one compromise leads to another, until his entire vision starts falling to pieces. Each scene is so funny, yet highly realistic, that you can't help feeling this is a perfect depiction of watered-down TV programming. A great cast of characters carries the film, including the lead actor with no talent and a huge ego, the overly-optimistic manager, the actress who's trying to transition from "the friend" to "the hot chick," the fish out of water British producer, and the network executive who lost her humanity a long time ago. The latter is played brilliantly by Sigourney Weaver, who channels a little bit of Faye Dunaway from "Network." Overall, The TV Set is a gem of a film that had me laughing out loud pretty much entire time.
½ September 18, 2010
Whoaa! did they describe this as a comedy up there in the synopsis. They are wrong. This is very poor. I suppose if you are in the business of making crap tv then you might find something in this to make you smile but for 99.9% of the viewers, this is rubbish. It's an unfunny, crap version of the second series of Extras with an annoying cast.
½ September 3, 2010
As someone who's spent the last eight years on the edge of network television, almost every scene was reminiscent of something I'd witnessed. I love Sigourney Weaver in everything. 'Nuff said. It was a surprise to see Justine Bateman, who was also brilliantly cast. The scene with the fall showcase reminds me so much of many, many Channel Nine Christmas parties.
½ August 12, 2010
The trials and tribulations of getting a network show made on U.S TV. Funny, up to a point, but this is a film telling us that TV folk are shallow and unimaginative and surely thats something we all already know!
July 29, 2010
The movie has a very good plot, saddly, some TV show (like entourage...) are better to explain us that ...
TV su**.
½ June 6, 2010
Fascinating and hilarious.
½ May 18, 2010
this film will make you love the BBC even more. A painful tale of a show going through the network to fruition with decisions by committee and compromise of vision at every stage. Duchovny (old man and the sea beard) is a little flat as the disillusioned writer/creator, Sigourney Weaver totally awesome career bitch (and aren't we still loving here as the strong older woman in Hollywood?), and Fran Kranz gives subtle delivery of actor thrown into painful pilot and politics. No shiney leads here though, the supporting cast all give solid performances.

Sunday evening film, requires brain and no hangover.

Random line "World's Grossest Meals is moving to Wednesdays after Idol."
½ May 17, 2010
Enjoyable to watch, but not much to it.
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March 10, 2010
"A place where dreams are canceled"

The story of a TV pilot as it goes through the Network TV process of casting, production and finally airing.

Jake Kasdan's satire, "The TV Set", is a pitch perfect , dead-on depiction of the myopic vision of American television which has become a vast wasteland of so-called 'reality' shows and mean-spirited game shows when in essence, the true pillars of its foundation, the scripted format is on the wane. Never before has a sharp-edged black comedy been needed to poke at the underbelly of the medium than now. The filmmaker cut his teeth on TV including the much critically lauded, hastily dispatched "Freaks & Geeks, that his insider voice is on full display for biting the hand that fed him and for rubbing its ilk in the mess its created.

Kasdan layers everything with a touch of stinging wit, caustic dialogue, and unbelievable accuracy of how some people truly are so incredibly dense to the matters of the creative process it's a true wonder how the hell they got so far (let alone dressed themselves in the morning and made the effort at a daily life!) Duchovny's Mike Klein, behind a thatch of itchy/scratchy beard as a mask of indifference to what is thrown at him knowing ultimately he will have to acquiesce at basically every power play and sign his soul away to get his baby on the air; truly soul-crushing to watch one's lifetime dream become a living nightmare. While not a classic like "The Player" or even "Network" the film works on its own merits by not caving in to be likable either; Lenny wouldn't have it any other way.
February 26, 2010
"The TV Set", gives a very interesting look at the process of making a TV show. I thought this movie was interesting in that it showed how hard it really is to get a show on the air. David Duchovny does a good job at keeping the movie interesting with his humor.
Overall, if you are interested to see what writers/producers go through to create and get your favorite show on the air you should enjoy this film.
½ February 24, 2010
Not sure if a general audience will appreciate it but this movie nailed both the personalities and process. Duchovny does a great job!
½ February 15, 2010
Another great performance from Sigourney Weaver.

This movie was witty, and really insightful on Pilot Season. Every year we watch about 2 or 3 pilots on TV, but I never thought about how many get rejected, and how hard it is to actually get one on the air. Its humour if very broad, and "I like broad, whats wrong with broad?" David Duchovney also does great as the struggling writer trying to get his show up and running by Lenny(Weaver). She loves his script, but doesn't like the direction that the show is going, so she basically changes it. She turns it into something it wasn't, which probably happens a lot. Just think about the shows you watch, and if thats really how they were supposed to turn out.
February 11, 2010
Agent Mulder (don't call him David Duchovny, it simply isn't right) is a writer and has pitched a new television show to a network. It gets picked up, much to his excitement, but that excitement turns to frustration as the network executives butt in and want to practically gut the show, turning it into yet another raunch fueled, vapid comedy. Mulder battles it all the way, and he does so without the assistance of Scully.

There's plenty of laughs that, for anyone familiar with the fail that is prime time network sitcoms, are awesome. Not only does the show get mutated into something terrible, we get to see the actors in it change for the worse, developing egos before the program even gets chosen for airing. Good length to it all, nothing is stretched out needlessly and it isn't too quick.
February 4, 2010
i think i saw it but.. x.x
December 28, 2009
good movie, freaky premise.
December 12, 2009
It feels like a warning to anyone who wants to make it in the industry.

A really funny( but probably scary acurate) look at how a project can completely fall apart right in front of you.

Duchovny is great in this playing the perfect straight man to overbearing Weaver, and Gruffudd proves he is far better then the Fantastic Four films in this as a tv exec. trying to balance his career and his family life.

It's almost a cautionary tale to anyone who dreams of creating a TV show.
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½ December 6, 2009
Wow, this film is severly underrated. Such a spot-on depiction of the television industry. I really felt for and related to Duchovny in a way similar to the way I related to Nicolas Cage playing Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation, which this film is somewhat similar too with the preservation of purity and an artist's vision. Kasdan's best work to date.
½ December 6, 2009
Pretty solid film about the frustrations behind TV pilots with a great performance by Duchovny
December 4, 2009
Rented this once because of the cast. This film has an enjoyable storyline and is engaging in the fact that it puts you in position to root for Duchovney's character and vision. It is a look at the other side of what you see on television. Not a bad film.
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