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August 25, 2015
Great interweaving of multiple character stories around the passing of a twenty dollar bill from hand to hand. Linda Hunt and an all-star cast make this film a delight. The song at the end says it all.
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½ November 1, 2014
As a twenty-dollar bill circulates, various classes of people assign it differing values.
American class differences reveal themselves in this fine but didactic film. The conceit is interesting enough, and the stories and characters are all engaging, from the thieves to the engaged couple, but when it all comes together, in a haphazard Altman imitation, it's hard to discern that we've seen anything new or remarkable.
Overall, this is a good concept, well-executed, but not as "important" as it might think.
September 27, 2013
I thought this movie was very entertaining. it had a little something for everyone. for the time it was made I think it was just what the writer was going for. I think its a must see.
July 1, 2013
Great cast and great script...a must see...
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½ December 4, 2012
This was originally written in 1935, but put aside and forgotten about for almost 6 decades. After the screenwriter's death, his son found this forgotten work, read and fell in love with it, and, after updating it for contemporary times, decided to finally have a film made out of it.

What we get here is a glimpse into the surprising life and times of a twenty dollar bill and the people that directly and indirectly come into contact with it. It's not a truly unique idea in general, but the use of such a ubiquitous object is. Having it solely focus on the bill would be boring, so what we really get presented with is a look at the lives of the people the bill comes in and out of contact with. They come from all walks of life and economic social classes, so, in effect, this is a clever little film that shows almost the full make up of the denizens of an anonymous American city.

Some of the many types of people that get followed include a lottery obsessed homeless woman, an aspiring writer working as a waitress, a veteran thief trying to train an unpredictable new partner, and a groom to be whose not too sure about his father-in-law to be.

The characters are made up of an impressive ensemble cast that includes names like Linda Hunt, Christopher Lloyd, Steve Buscemi, Elisabeth Shue, Brendan Fraser, among several others. They all do a pretty decent job, but my favorites are the first three people I mentioned. The film is presented as interwoven vignettes, and, while they're not uniformly great quality-wise, none of them are really terrible.

All in all this is a really fun and enjoyable film that's sadly underrated. Do yourself a favor and look it up.
January 12, 2012
Watch where the twenty goes. Fascinating film - shot in Mpls
½ September 3, 2011
Not a bad movie at all. Interesting enough to keep your attention and filled with big names. I've seen far worse from current movies.
February 10, 2011
I've always wondered how this "chain of money" looks like. It was so fun to watch this movie.
January 11, 2011
other than an out of character performance from lloyd there isn't much to recommend here......spend your time and andrew jackson elsewhere.
September 2, 2010
I've always wondered how this "chain of money" looks like. Now I have a good idea.
½ May 31, 2010
It was great seeing some of these actors when they were just starting out. The concept of this movie was great, as was its execution.
½ May 11, 2010
I saw 20 bucks again last night, Had not seen it for 10 years. What a great little movie
January 21, 2010
One of those movies with everyone in it (though I got it because Brendan Fraser is :D). This was the first movie in my queue when Netflix was reactivated and it was a good one. A bit odd, independent film, dated (can't believe I'd say that about something from the 90's), but overall I'd recommend it.
September 6, 2009
Christopher Lloyd in his best role eva! This film is imaginative and fairly unique!
August 13, 2009
Twenty Bucks is a 1993 film that follows the travels of a $20 bill from a crisp new note from the ATM in downtown Minneapolis through various transactions and incidents from person to person through the city.
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½ May 29, 2009
it was pretty interesting: a journey of 20 bucks..
½ March 3, 2009
Best movie you have never heard of!!
January 5, 2009
Simple, full of people you know however highly forgetful. Seeing Chris Lloyd was the better actor of them in this one.
½ August 30, 2008
great movie with heaps of actors who have since made it in hollywood.. its like a game of spot the star..
This movie really makes you think..
August 17, 2008
Cute premise. All-star cast that keeps adding on the familiar faces.
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