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October 15, 2017
Very well done vampire film from Hammer?s later period. It?s gothic and atmospheric at times and erotic and graphic at others. Our twins deliver better performances than expected of Playboy centerfolds and Cushing is superb as always.
September 17, 2017
2 sexy twins are looking very nice, one of them wants to worship satan. its the middle ages. this one is barely watchable
July 1, 2017
I actually enjoyed this movie.
½ September 16, 2016
Violence, nudity and Peter Cushing in this over-the-top Hammer horror flick.
February 27, 2016

the real-life twins and former Playboy Playmates Mary and Madeleine Collinson.

It is the third film of The Karnstein Trilogy, based on the vampire tale Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. The film has the least resemblance to the novel and adds a witchfinding theme to the vampire story. Much of the interest of the film revolves around the contrasting evil and good natures of two beautiful sisters, Frieda and Maria Gellhorn. Unlike the previous two entries in the series, this film contains only a brief vampire lesbian element.

Some considered the film a prequel to The Vampire Lovers and Lust for a Vampire.

Ingrid Pitt was offered the part of Countess Mircalla but refused.
The same sets were used for Vampire Circus.
Harvey Hall and Kirsten Lindholm appear in all three films of the trilogy, although in different roles in each one. Peter Cushing also played one of the leads in the first, The Vampire Lovers. (A part was written for Cushing in the second film, but he dropped out of the production due to the illness of his wife. The role was taken over by Ralph Bates.) Luan Peters, who plays a small role in this film, also appeared in the second film, Lust for a Vampire, as did Judy Matheson.
The original film included a short scene, which is now edited out, in which the evil twin approaches her uncle. The scene is out of place as their uncle is busy burning the other sister; somehow he teleports back home and the evil twin gives him a show. Cut out for American audiences and possibly to maintain story line continuity, the original scene was aired on public television in the 1980s
½ February 24, 2016
70's Hammer film that sees Peter Cushing still chasing vampires - only this time he is a puritanical witchfinder who burns poor women at the stake when they are suspected of evil. Unfortunately for him, he is soon visited by twin nieces who attract the attention of the wicked Count Karnstein. Naturally, before long, one of them is a vampire and Cushing must defeat the correct twin without getting confused. Although decked out in the usual Hammer atmospherics, the film plods a bit, leers a lot, and doesn't really seem exciting or even scary until the final minutes when the vampires are dispatched. Kathleen Byron (a favorite of Powell and Pressburger's) is here in a support role as Cushing's wife, doing her best to maintain her dignity. Probably not worth your time when there is much better Hammer horror out there.
October 26, 2015
Alright Hammer Horror picture from their bodice ripping cycle of films. This one tells the story of an attractive set of twins, Mary Collinson and Madeleine Collinson, one of whom is the good girl and the other is the bad one who becomes a vampire. There are mistaken identities when the vampire hunt begins and it's fairly predictable, but Collinson sisters are quite good (even if their voices were dubbed) and Hammer delivers their usual quality production values. Peter Cushing is also on board here as a fanatical vampire hunter.
July 17, 2015
For all the effort put into it (and I say that loosely), this film does almost nothing to shake off the feeling that it is little more than a bland B-movie with Playboy models. The story might actually have been decent were it not for lazy writing. It's essentially what Witchfinder General would be like if the main characters were twin girls, and the story involved vampires. Is simple is it is, it's paced really badly, and with terribly flat dialogue. The characters are also completely unconvincing and devoid of personality, or even competent acting talent. The visuals are alright, but the special effects are downright terrible. Some scenes are so badly choreographed that it looks as though they were made on a shoestring budget. If all else fails, any decent horror movie should be somewhat thrilling, and this film can't even accomplish that. This is the kind of film that could have been decent if it were made with more competent direction, but sadly, that could never be, and thus this film is doomed to its place alongside other cliché horror films of the early 1970's.
½ July 17, 2015
This is a movie that I honestly don't get what people see in it. I felt the movie was largely unconvincing, especially in terms of the violence. It's as though the movie would rather stutter in the middle of a scene of violent killing rather than show us the act in a more convincing manner. In all honesty, I feel the movie hard to enjoy because it's one of those horror films that promotes the superstitious attitudes of the characters within it, and this makes the characters hard for me to sympathize. Most of the characters are either forgettable or worse, and characters I almost end up sympathizing with quickly degenerate into either monsters or idiots. Ultimately the film is another one of those films that fails to make superstition horrifying and in making decent entertainment of it.
June 19, 2015
Really very good movie. This has to be one of my favorite Peter Cushing roles. This is how you make a good vampire movie.
November 12, 2014
dbl ur pleasure double ur fun
October 30, 2014
The gimmick is featuring the first Playboy Centerfold twins as the twins in the movie which is bursting with bounteous bosoms (among which the twins' are unexceptional (perfectly fine, but unexceptional in this company).

The movie includes commentary on mob mentality, puritanicalism, and persecution. It's well filmed, and has decent performances including the always reliable Peter Cushing.
May 9, 2014
Hammer in top form! They don't make em like they used to!
February 9, 2014
Really picks up near the end, a great Hammer film
September 22, 2013
A very original, suspenseful #vampire film brought to you by Hammer. The dynamic of good and evil twins is outstanding but is marred by Damien Thomas who plays a too flamboyant and over the top #Vamp. Still very much worth a watch. Check it out 4/5
September 13, 2013
Hammer's Twins Of Evil May Be From Near The End Of The Company's Original Career, But This Gothic Horror Showcases Promising Signs That The Company Could Go Back To It's Roots. The Film May Have A Lack Of Story, But Holds Up Better Than Most Vampire Films. The Title Refers To The Twin Sisters Frieda & Maria, But The Real Twins Of Evil Are Peter Cushing & Dennis Price As Both Of There Performances Are Menacing, As Polar Opposites. A Great Film From Hammer's Beginning Of An End.
Francisco G.
Super Reviewer
½ August 28, 2013
Twins of Evil is yet another Hammer films vampire flick. Part of the Karnstein trilogy, Twins is nothing more than a vehicle for the awful Collison twins, the first to be featured on the PLayboy magazine. Make no mistake, this is still a very solidly produced flick, everything is detailed and well-handled but just boring and doesn't pay off much in the end.

The legendary Peter Cushing and his lost look towards the whole flick sums up the movie well: "What the fuck am I doing here exacly?"
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½ August 1, 2013
Brilliant occult/vampire film. Two twin sisters go to stay with family in a town located near the famous Karnstein Castle where the wealthy and enigmatic Count Karnstein lives. The twins uncle, however, happens to be a strict witchfinder and warns them to stay away from the castle and the Count at all costs but one of the twins can't help herself and is soon getting involved in the Counts ritualistic ways which leads to promises of eternal life...
Twins of Evil is a standout film amongst Hammers many treasures and features vampirism and occult/witchcraft themes as well as nudity from the sexy Collinson twins who were playboy models at or around the time. Peter Cushing puts in another brilliant performance as the Witchfinder to.
A must for horror fans. Particularly fans of occult horror.
½ July 29, 2013
Twins of Evil is one of the fine late additions to the long running Hammer Dracula stories. Featuring a twist on the usual fayre this is the story of a man who becomes a vampire after an horrific act & deal with the devil - this leads to interest from one of the noted Twins whose Witch Finder uncle (a towering Peter Cushing) is determined to end the abomination. Some of the gory elements have been restored in this version & some interesting special effects add to the overall story which, whilst different, doesn't quite hold itself together after a promising start. Damien Thomas as The Count is on massively fine scenery chewing form too
½ May 20, 2013
Man, those Hammer Films guys really knew how to push the envelope back in the day. Interesting movie as there are very few likeable characters. You pretty much want all of them to die. Sort of like your modern day horror movies, I suppose.
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