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June 10, 2013
Mellissa Joan hart is creepy.
May 16, 2011
Great story. Brilliant performance gave by Melissa Joan Hart.
February 18, 2011
The acting was a bit off but I did enjoy it... although some parts were infuriating and I couldn't wait for it to end just so she would be caught!
August 24, 2009
i like twisted desire it was a very good movie and i like how melissa joan hart charter acted. i liike that melissa joan hart charter is very smart. melissa joan hart did a very good job playing her charter.
Super Reviewer
January 23, 2009
For a b-grade thriller, I assume, straight to video, I really enjoyed this. Melissa Joan Hart is great as the butter-wouldn't-melt psycho chick. I really do have a fondness for such movies. LOL.
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