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½ September 27, 2014

"Chemicals, they'll fuck you up."-Heroin Bob (Michael B. Goorjian), SLC PUNK!

Another Dr. Jeckell and Mr Hyde story. Creeper.
½ January 18, 2013
I really liked this movie. It's pretty low budget, but it just feels entertaining to watch. The characters aren't really that great, and the plot is close to your basic Jekyll story, and there's not a lot of gore. The music is a bit eerie, and since it was made in the early 70's, it has a real age feel to it that really adds on to the viewing experience. It's dumb, cheesy, and a lot of fun.
January 16, 2013
Little seen horror film about a bullied teen who creates a serum that turns him into a monster, watched recently on the OOP Code Red DVD release. Decent watch, but definitely a slow burn at times.

Rental? If you can find it I suppose.
October 12, 2012
A nice E.C-esque surprise, with a great feel, if a little slow in places. Some great dutch angles!
½ October 11, 2012
Long live Mister Mumps! Definitely a Troma-type vibe going on here.
September 4, 2012
About what I expected weak and dated. Not very scary or even interesting. Too bad I usually love vintage 70's cheese horror.
July 22, 2012
Poor Vernon. All he wanted to do was do well in high school and have a successful science project with his pet hamster, but alas, he accidentally turns himself into Mr. Hyde after taking crap from everyone in society. Horror High (AKA Twisted Brain) was a little better than I expected it to be, but by no means is it an undiscovered masterpiece. It's pretty hokey and terrible a lot of the time, but it has some good stuff in it. The kid who plays Vernon is very good, as is the guy who plays Lt. Bozeman, with his big reveal and swell of music that made me laugh out loud. The cinematography is atrocious for the most part and the acting is usually uninspired, but it does have some nice scenes (in particular, the opening scene with Vernon's teacher is ridiculous but effective). I'd say check it out but just don't expect to be wowed by it or anything.
April 7, 2012
If you love innuendo as much as I do, you'll be rolling all over the floor for 90 minutes laughing. I know I did.
½ January 14, 2012
High school can be a nightmare
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September 16, 2011
Not a good horror movie, it takes the Jekyll and Hyde story and puts it in a high school, but that's not all that exciting. Plus this movie is very low budget, with no good actors.
½ June 22, 2011
Fun 1970's horror schlock.
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May 30, 2011
A horror flick that was done before it's time.Horror High would've fit right in with any of the horror flicks of the 80's.I love how Vernon transformed from a nerdy soft spoken guy into a revengeful killer after drinking his experimental potion.A good low budget horror movie that's worth taking a look at if you get the chance
½ November 29, 2010
Another film about the picked on nerd that gets revenge. Horror fans have seen this story done a hundred times most famously in "Carrie." The interesting thing is that "Horror High" was released in 1974 beating almost all other "nerd gets revenge" films to the punch, even the film "Carrie" by two years. In respect the novel "Carrie" was published in 1974 so who knows maybe writer J.D. Feigelson was inspired by King's work. Hell maybe I'm drawing too much of a connection between the two as "Carrie" was blessed with psychic abilities to wreak her vengeance whereas our nerd here uses SCIENCE! (Bill Nye would be so proud!)

Vernon is your typical nerd. He's pimply, wears glasses, has longer greasy hair and spends far too much time in the Biology lab studying his pet guinea pig Mr. Mumps. Everybody seems to pick on him including jocks, teachers and the janitor. Well that's all going to come to an end as when the janitor makes Vernon drink his own special solution, it turns him into a hairy beast that kills all the people who've wronged him in bloody ways. Can detective Austin "Assault on Precinct 13" Stoker solve the crimes before the whole school succumbs to the nerds primal rage?

As you can guess this is basically a loose retelling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with the "nerd gets revenge" subgenre mixed in. For the most part it works. Horror fans will dig the killings more than the plot though as they were pretty unique for 1974. We get a janitor stuffed in a barrel of acid and a teacher who gets here fingers sliced off with a paper cutter. Ouch! What great is all these people that our nerd seeks vengeance on are really despicable people. The janitor bitch slaps Vernon around for shooing his cat away from his guinea pig cage. His English teacher has the nerve to slice up his biology report due to the fact he spent more time writing than his English paper. The P.E. teacher even blackmails Vernon to help his star player to pass Chemistry. These teachers are complete assholes! Oh you can't forget the love interest for Vernon who is torn between Vernon's nice personality and the jack she's going steady with.

The acting for this type of film is acceptable but the actor that steals the show is Austin Stoker. This guy just commands the screen when he appears and it's a damn shame he didn't appear in more movies. Director Larry N. Stouffer, despite only directing one film prior to this, also does a credible job.

"Horror High" isn't a great film by any means but it's a decent drive-in fare that's worth a look for horror fans. The film went unseen for years on video until it popped up recently on DVD in 2 different editions. Code Red released an uncut version and Mill Creek released a slightly cut version in a DVD set containing 11 other films. Is the film worth the extra footage or would it be a better purchase it with 11 other obscure films? The choice is yours! A "sequel" (as in name alone) would follow 13 years later with "Return to Horror High."
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½ September 8, 2009
Twisted Brain is a low budget film with a lot to say about the human condition. A young latter-day Dr. Jekyll, Vernon Potts is brilliantly portrayed by Pat Cardi. Pushed to the breaking point, Potts lashes out against everyday injustices, prejudices and petty torments. The screenplay is witty, sophisticated and disturbing.

This is a film you will not soon forget. Director Stouffer gets a big thumbs up here. (The paper cutter scene is delicious!)
½ October 11, 2008
High school nerd Vernon drinks his concoction that Hydes him out as he takes murderous revenge on those who have done him wrong. It's hard to chase your victim w/ a gamey limp
February 16, 2008
This is a bad film great. I am forever indebted to my cousin for introducing me to this unbelievable piece of treacle.
January 20, 2008
If you love innuendo as much as I do, you'll be rolling all over the floor for 90 minutes laughing. I know I did.
December 13, 2007
twiisteedd mindss oowhhh
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