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February 26, 2012
this was a good film but in parts became cheasy and abit stale!
August 10, 2010
A pretty creepy movie about a group of people stranded out at sea on a boat. As the title suggests, only "Two Came Back" so for the entire movie I was wondering who was going to survive. "Two Came Back" scared me a bit because it could so easily happen in real life, and it makes you wonder how you'd cope if it happened to you - if you'd survive. Movies about boats sinking or people being stuck at sea usually scare the crap out of me, and "Two Came Back" was no exception.
February 15, 2009
awesome movie. this movie had a great message at the end which is its okay to need help. the movie kept me on my toes cause i worried about whether or not everyone would survive. very realistic.
January 26, 2009
I love this movie...I wish I could find it..!~!
December 10, 2008
This was a wonderful film about courage, strength, determination, and motivation. The acting was wonderful. The late Jonathan Brandis definitely proved he was a great upcoming adult actor. The plot itself was realtisic enough that it could happen to anyone... I definitely recommend this...
November 6, 2008
Inspired by a true story, TWO CAME BACK follows a small boat and its crew as they encounter a storm while out at sea. Who will survive? Melissa Joan Hart gives a powerful performance in this made-for-television film.
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