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½ November 20, 2011
This is a great movie to show to high school and college kids aspiring to work in the NFL. It displays vividly what it takes to make it into the elite fraternity of NFL players. Great production.
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½ October 13, 2011
I pretty much agree with the only other review of this movie on RT.

I think the documentary should have followed the drafted players into their first year in the NFL. Even though they were picked, they could have been dropped even if they got on a team who knows how long they'll actually be on it? I looked up the players from this documentary and apparently out of the 4 only 2 are currently in the NFL. One guy couldn't make the cut and had to go to Indoor Football or whatever, while the other guy played a year for the Jaguars (I think) then I don't know what happened but he's not on any NFL team right now. It would've been interesting to see their progress, and I would've liked to see the one guy's story after he didn't get drafted into the NFL and started playing IFL instead. They could have at least done a "one year later" segment at the end or something. I mean it was a pretty good documentary, but some parts were really boring (e.g. players waiting to get picked for teams). It was interesting to see the process that potential NFL players have to go through though. Pretty okay documentary, but nothing amazing.
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½ December 9, 2010
"Two Days in April" follows four college football players, Derek Hagan, Travis Wilson, Clint Ingram and DonTrell Moore, in 2006 through the Senior Bowl, combines, solo workouts, interviews(answering personal questions), and finally the NFL draft, while being coached and advised on their cliches.(Thank you, "Bull Durham.") The emphasis for the players is on the money, more than they have ever seen before, while that subject never comes up for the agents. I would have certainly thought it to be the reverse.(And I just want to go on the record as saying that I do not believe agents to be evil incarnate...) Of the four, the biggest question marks involve Wilson because of a recurring injury and Moore for playing for the University of New Mexico which is not in one of the power conferences.(Less prestigious schools, especially Hofstra have no problem getting their players drafted.) That only serves as a sign of how much any professional draft is a crap shoot and how little anybody knows(it can be predicted where a player will be drafted, just not what kind of career they will enjoy), no matter the endless bloviating.

Brought to you by the Roswell, New Mexico Chamber of Commerce, "Two Days in April" is an unsatisfactory documentary that even with the level of access given, lacks any true insight. The filmmakers err by ending the film on draft day(of 1400 hopefuls, only 255 are drafted) which is only the beginning of the players' story, instead of staying with them to follow their first year in the pros.

(Originally reviewed in the blog section on August, 7, 2008.)
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